10 Terrifying Foods for Halloween

Boo! Did that scare you? What do you mean ‘No’? Well perhaps I’ll have more success entertaining you with this list of terrifying Halloween party foods. After trick-or-treating, what better way to enjoy your fearful festivities is there than to indulge in a bloodcurdling shindig?

Eyeballs floating in punch or macaroon biscuits with an almond on to simulate fingers are good but a bit tame. What you need is a table of great foods that will hit the balance between gross-out and revolting (while still being tasty and edible, of course). This can be an easier job than at first you might imagine as long as you’re willing to put a little time into it. As you would expect there is the easy, but more expensive, way round it and that is to buy some quality treats in. These can wow your guests too although personally the homemade touch always the edge on unique distaste for me.

Source – Pumpkin and Fennel Soup Recipe

Lily Vanilli Velvet Red Cake
Oozing blackcurrant and cherry ‘blood’ this disturbingly realistic heart may make you think twice about tucking in. Lily (Vanilli) Jones is famed for her foray into macabre baking in the States. Visit site.


Vomiting Pumpkin
This table centrepiece of a pumpkin spewing guacamole onto a bed of poppadums is more than a little revolting. Carving horrified expressions onto the green chillies is a nice touch.


Burnt, Severed Hand
This disgustingly realistic zombie-esque hand uses onion for fingernails and the bony stump. It’s actually made from a minced beef, carrot and herbs in a mould which is then egg brushed before baking… See a picture guide and make your own.


Meat Head
The brainchild of Andy Oakland, this meat head looks oddly appetising. Taking a plastic skull as a former he lathers it up in jam then uses that to grip slices of processed meat. Gelatinous looking pickled onions and a couple of olives make the eyes and the whole head is served pleasingly on a bed of fresh greens. Read his how-to guide.


Mmm… Brains
The modern range of jelly moulds is what I blame for the increasingly disquieting array of eerie desserts. A touch of strawberry or raspberry sauce and a smattering of eyeballs sets this dish up for your sweet-toothed company.


Not to leave out the vegetarians…
Veggie skeleton

How about this hummus faced veggie skeleton? The mushroom genitals turn my stomach.


Eyes for You
Unsettling endearing, this simple vegetable food treat is a twist on the classic Italian insalata caprese. Read how to make it yourself. The olive eyes are made by using a straw as a cutting tool for the black olive ‘pupil’ and again for gouging out the green olive ‘iris’ to get a perfect fit every time.


Shards of Glass Cupcakes
Tickly cough? One of these cupcakes should help scratch that oesophageal itch. Your friends may recoil at being offered one of these tasty treats. Sugar glass pierces the cake and allows some blood coloured jam to ooze to the surface past the pale butter icing.


Aw, rats! He’s Armless!
Not sure who ‘Barbara’ is but the revenge of the moulds strikes again. Dismembered limbs are very much in vogue this year. The rats with spun sugar ‘hair’ look particularly savage.


And finally… hold onto your stomach contents.

Diaper Dip
All the way from across the Pond comes the nappy contents selection. Get yourself a clean nappy, open it and serve your black beans and chick peas hummus straight into it. Garnish with a baby doll and you’re well away to terrify your guests!


Honourable  mentions must also go to a few of our members Halloween Recipes.

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We would love to see your examples of scary recipes, why not add a link to them in the comments or login to Mydsh and add your recipe.



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