20 Cool Food Photographs

‘Food glorious food, We’re anxious to try it!’ Well, maybe you’d think twice when you’re faced with this list of 20 hilarious food photographs. After being told as youngsters not to play with our food it seems that, come adulthood, you just can’t stop some of us getting carried away doing grub graphics. I peaked years ago by painting an Easter hardboiled egg but these guys have gone that extra mile and have either produced some amazing scenes or funny carvings. After reading this I wouldn’t be surprised if inspiration takes you and prompts you to pick up a pen, brush or pair of scissors and try your own hand at some witty works.


20. Vampire Egg

We’ve all came across the unusual white egg among the browns but could it be a night stalking supernatural bloodsucker? This diorama by Partyeskimo certainly gives pause for thought. Incidentally, the real (non-scary) reason is that brown eggs are produced by red lobed hens and the white eggs come from white lobed hens.


19. Orange Suicide

Don’t do it! This type of skilful peeling takes a very steady hand.



18. Not a Fish Wife

This hot lady is a devil in pirikara.



17. Cellulite Removal

Ladies everywhere are fixated with orange-peel skin cellulite thanks to the paranoia-inducing women’s magazines. But what happens to our favourite citrus fruit in the ‘after’ photograph? We might never know.

16. Emoting Oranges
These oranges are showing a great camaraderie when their big brother is upset.
15.  Dinosaur

Promise me you’ll not look at a sweet potato in the same light again. This Yamasaurus is strictly herbivorous thankfully.



14. Aubergine Penguins

With the release of Happy Feet 2, this scene just had to make the list. There is something so endearing about these characterful aubergine penguins.



13. Crusty bread

Crusty by name, crusty by nature. This mean, bun doesn’t take any prisoners. Grr!



12.  Ill Pumpkins

Overindulging in drink, long nights, odd complexion? It’s not surprising that these pumpkins are feeling under the weather. Not a carriage in sight, either.



11. Alien

Funny in a disturbing way, this fantastic cold collation of veg is a tribute to its artist.



10.   Broccoli Poodle

Not all dogs look like their owners, but some vegetables look like their owner’s dogs. Nice touch with the foody foodbowl.



9. Cauliflower Sheep

‘He’s Shaun the Sheep, He even mucks about with those that cannot bleat.’ Cauliflower too by the looks of it! With a sprig of broccoli for this legs this dainty sheep has a neat mushroom for a face.



8. An Apple a Day…

This chap’s looking a little pale and underweight. With the autumnal winds howling and the Halloween fast approaching, seeing this eerily carved apple could send a shiver down your spine.



7. Over-amorous Egg

Ever wonder what happens when you close your fridge door?



6.  Spring Onion Mantis Madness

This anatomically correct arthropod is a fantastic creation. Cracking a poor joke I’d have to say he knows his onions.



5. Radish Cardinal Bird

This is radish bird family is hilarious. Parent bird has very hungry mouths to feed.



4. Snacky Sneaker!

Would you like some chips with that? How the guy made this without chowing down on it half way through is beyond me. Actually, perhaps he couldn’t resist a munch. He might have originally made a pair…



3. Camembert Pac Man

Camembert gets its revenge. No longer eaten on biscuits, it is the biscuit eater!



2. Lemon Perversion

This one could only be improved by the addition of a nice pear. Double entendres are not my speciality.


And finally…


1. Japanese Cute Food

Pink rice is cool. Altogether now – Awwww!


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