Carol’s How to – make a drum cake

My sons 13th birthday party and my mum and I decided to make a drum cake – here’s how we did it.

We made 9 8 inch sponge cakes and 2 12 inch sponge cakes.  I used Myrna’s hot butter milk sponge for a never fail cake and for the 12 inch cake i added a table spoon of cocoa and a tablespoon of drinking chocolate to make a chocolate birthday cake.

To sandwich the cakes together we used our buttercream icing, Lurpak I find keeps the icing white.

I made 4 “drums” – 2 with 2 cakes sandwiched together (1 8 inch and one 12 inch) and then 1 drum cake had 3 cake layers and the last one had 4 layers.

I covered all the cakes in buttercream icing and then got some ready rolled icing and died it red.  I rolled it out and stuck it around the drums and then I used kitkats to make the struts on the side of the drums.  I finished it off with silver foil at the top and at the bottom of the drums.

The symbols are plastic garden plates covered in gold paper –

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