Deborah Meaden’s Dragon’s Dinner – MyDish menu 6

This week MyDish accosted a Dragon and lived to tell the tail.

Deborah Meaden, the famous dragon, is well known for her business acumen and her support of MyDish. What she isn’t well known for is her cooking, admitting to the MyDish team that she hadn’t cooked a dinner party for over 25 years!

Although Deborah may not be involved in much cooking, she has luckily been to more than her fair share of dinner parties. This being the case, MyDish decided to get the Dragon on board to help out with the dinner party menu challenge (for those of you who don’t know, we have set ourselves the task of finding and publishing a different dinner party menu each week).

Once on board, Deborah chose a menu which she built around the time of year and the ability to source the ingredients locally as she is passionate about supporting local suppliers.


Deborah Meaden’s Autumn British Menu

Pumpkin Soup, followed by Beef Wellington with green beans, roast potatoes, and to finished off, her favourite British Pud: sticky toffee pudding.

Ingredients sourced and raring to go, Deborah struck gold.  Catching wind of Deborah’s challenge, Top chef Giancarlo kindly invited her to his cookery school, La Cucina Caldesi, in Marylebone High St where he showed Deborah exactly how it is meant to be done.

Deborah is taught to read through the whole recipe before she starts cooking


Pumpkin Soup

Deborah cuts up the pumpkin and roasts it first with garlic.

Onions get the better of Deborah

The trick to a great pumpkin soup is to add a hint of sage flavouring just before serving.

Main Course

Beef Wellington

Once the pumpkin had been impressively mastered, Deborah and Giancarlo moved their attentions to making the perfect Beef Wellington.   

With spirits riding high, it was here Giancarlo imparted further invaluable cheffing wisdom. For truly great Beef Wellington you need to create small pancakes that lie on top of the pastry. Doing this prevents the actual puff pastry from getting soggy from the juices of the meat and mushrooms. Instead, all the juices get absorbed by the pancakes. Genius.


Sticky Toffee Pudding 

Last but not least was the delicious Sticky Toffee Pudding. The pictures speak for themselves, as once again this recipe proved divine.


The day was a great success and MyDish learnt quite a few things. Firstly,  this particular menu tastes even better than it looks! Secondly Giancarlo of La Cucina Caldesi is a genius and a gentleman, and thirdly, Debroah can cook, its just that she’s normally too busy!

We would love you to tell us what your favourite dinner party menu is so drop us a line at [email protected]


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