Dinner Party Menus, kicking off the MyDish Menu Collection

I have some friends over for dinner tonight and I have always wanted to use MyDish to create a collection of people’s ideas for dinner party menus.  So for now I am going to use my blog to pull together themes and ideas for different menus so that we can all have new recipe inspiration when we entertain friends with different menu ideas to try out….and I would love you to help me do this.

I want to build a collection of peoples favourite menus – don’t you find it is not just about good food recipes but what goes well with what.  Some of my friends like to theme their dinner party menus i.e create an Italian starter (minestrone?) with an Italian main course (lasagna recipes) followed by an Italian dessert (Tiramisu).

Other ways of pulling together a menu would be choosing the main course first and then thinking about the starter and dessert that would compliment the main dish.  When having a rich and creamy main course I would choose and light starter and a non-creamy dessert.

So tonight this is my menu – Carol’s menu number 1


Smoked Salmon and Poached Egg Souffle (This is tasty and quick and really easy to make)

Main Course

Anna’s Lamb Tagine with Apricots


Key Lime Pie (I am adding a lime jelly to the top) and will tell you whether it works or not

Pudding Chocolate Brownies another recipe I had at a friends dinner (Thanks Samantha)

Summer Fruit Medley – This I had at a friends house (its Pam Canettis recipe and the ginger and mint give a really refreshing zing to it)

All of these recipe ideas, those that I like that are not mine – I have added to “My favourites” so that whenever I want to make something I have easy access to the recipes I know, I like or I have tried – I even look at my friend’s favourite recipes (the people I follow) as I know them , I trust them and I like to try what they like best.

Please do send me your dinner party menu favourites so I can add them to our collection and give all of our members inspiration and different combinations to try out.

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