The sun is out! Boys to the barbie, girls sort the salad – how sexist!

Well it has really been a beautiful weekend – the sun is shining and people smile a lot more.  In my road you can hear people mowing the lawn, having left the lawn mower in the shed for the last few months.  The ice cream van has come up our street everyday for the last week and of course we got the barbecue out for the first one of the season.  How many of you wished you had put it away clean – or like me had put all the outdoor toys in a place that was easy to lay your hands on again?

I remember when my Aunt came over from South Africa to live here, her first Summer she was amazed how as soon as the sun started shining we would be out in the park in Summer clothes – It was bright but not hot and she couldnt understand why everyone was lying out sunbathing – now she joins the rest of us.

Sothis weekend we joined the masses and got the fire going and my job was to do all the accompaniments – a really sterotypically divide!  I don’t know if it is like that at your place?  Let us know is this a girl boy thing or just in my house?

So my next quest is to find the best salads to make a Summer lunch or a barbecue that much more interesting.  (He can find the bbq recipes!)  I tried a number of salads out with our chicken kebabs and lamb and beef boerewoors.  What I love is a mixture of nuts and seeds to lift the salad, take a look at this crunchy coleslaw salad.

What I like to do is have one green leafy salad like Amanda’s Avocado Summer salad, one coleslaw and then something abit different – maybe a roast vegetable salad.

We have a great selection of people’s different salads , they are a lot more adventurous than I remember having growing up which was just leaves, cucumber, peppers and tomato .  People often tell me they had a great dish – a fab salad served to them and I always implore them to get their friend to post it and share it. Have you had a salad that has made an impact on you – if you add it to your recipe collection now you will be in with a chance to win an X-box!!!

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