It’s Friday and we are on to MyDish Menu 9 – by LukeColairo

Every Friday I put up a dinner party menu which has been sent in or recommended from our members.  We are looking for impressive but easy recipes to put together into a collection of dinner party ideas. The aim is to end up after 1 year with a fabulous collection of different menus for you to try when entertaining at home.

This week’s menu has been given to us by Luke Colairo Luke lives in South London and has grown up in a family of cooks.  His mum cooks a fresh meal  every night and his dad is in the catering business.  When Luke was 15 he entered an amateurs cooking competition got through to the semi final in Paris – representing the UK. I got through to the final and came third out of 1800 applicants.

Lukes dishes seem a little extra special and all have very long titles – I don’t know if that is the indication of difficulty but try his menu and let me know!

LukeColairo’s Dinner Party Menu


Pan Fried Scallops with Minted Pea Puree and Crispy Bacon Lardons

Main Course

Roasted Rack of lamb served with Mash Potato, Caramalised carrots and Parsnips and A Red wine sauce


The Easiest Chocolate Fondant

Starter – Pan Fried Scallops

Luke says this is simple to make and works really well as a starter!

Main Course

Roasted Rack of lamb

This was the recipe Luke used to win him third place in his cooking competition when he was 15.  He was chosen by 4 judges one of whom has a couple of michelin stars and he said that it could easily be sold in a British restaurant – give it a try and please let us know what you think.

Finally for dessert – The Easiest Chocolate Fondant

Thanks Luke for this suggestion

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