Lunchtime treats on Mother's day

I had my mum over for Mothers day lunch and decided to make Seabass and a couple of salads.   My mother’s day treat from my boys was an undisturbed lie in (and some moisturiser and girly stuff).  I got up and I chose what I was going to make for lunch and added them to my shopping list here on MyDish and printed off the list to take to the shops.  It is a brilliant tool that lets you create a menu and pull together all the ingredients you are going to need before you start cooking.
The only issue I had running around the shops  this morning, was trying to find certain ingredients for the salad – The big supermarkets didn’t stock Orzo pasta and I had a lot of trouble sourcing duck sauce – I didn’t realise till I got back that hoisin or plum sauce is a substitute
The crunchy coleslaw was fantastic but the crispy noodle salad was spoilt due to the fact that I picked up fish oil for the dressing instead of sesame oil.  I only realised the mistake when the smell on my fingers drew attention to what I was doing. � I also made pine nut, red pepper and Orzo salad – once we located the Orzo which was only available in Waitrose.
So now the sun is shining and barbecue season is about to start I am looking out for really interesting and very easy lunchtime salads.  With ingredients that are easily available.

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