Nostalgic Competition – announcing the winner!

I wanted to let you know who the winner is for our Nostalgic competition and also tell you about the runners up.  There were thousands of entries everyone talking about their favourite easy homemade recipes.  There really is a sense that some of those foods we were served as children should not be lost or forgotten – They remind us of special people and days gone by and most people said they want to recreate it for their family today!  (Click on the photos to check out the recipes!)

I know everyone says this when they judge a competition but honestly it  really was hard to choose between the shortlist to pick the winner.  So I will tell you all the 5 short list runner’s up and their nostalgic foods and then I have some comments from our winner.

Runner up 1 Shepherds Pie

Shepherds pie

“My nana used to make it especially for me, but she would make it in my own special dish that no-one other than me ever used. It just reminds me of good times when i was little, when my nana was still well and my lovely grandad was still alive.”

Runner up 2  Steak and Kidney pie

“My mum used to make it with chips and mushy pease and it’s never been bettered by anyone. I am going to attempt to recreate it one Sunday to bring back the memories!”

Runner up 3  Bacon Clanger

bacon clanger
“We were pretty poor and it was a cheap way of filling us up, but I loved the slow boiled/steamed suet pudding with bacon sage and onion. Still get mum to make it now. Its great in winter!”

We havent got this recipe on MyDish and would love you to share it with us please!!!!!!!

Runner up 4  Rice Pudding

Rice Pudding

“My mom would always make rice pudding with any left over rice and I’d come home from school and dive into one of the small bowls waiting in the fridge. Creamy, sweet, a bit of texture and sprinkled with cinnamon. It’s good hot or cold!”

Runner up 5 Sausage mash and beans

bangers and mash

“My nana used to call it a wigwam. She would mound the mash then stick the sausage in and put the beans around the mash. I love it !”

And the Winner is

Mamasug for her Great Grandma Ivy’s Hotpot

She  said that “My Great Grandmas recipe that has been passed down and reminds me of home and family wherever I am when I cook it!  The equivalent of a hug in a dish guaranteed to warm your heart and your insides.”

When I phoned mamasug to tell her she had won this is what she had to say:

Thank you so much for giving our family the opportunity to share a well used recipe handed down in our family.  To say I/we are thrilled is an understatement and I’m fit to bursting with pride to think that Grandma Ivy’s hotpot is having a well deserved “moment in the spotlight” as a nostalgic food.

Food is not just a means to sate the appetite – it’s a way of tapping into personal memories – a scrapbook if you like of a specific moment in time.  For me this hotpot reminds me of happy hours of a well loved grandparent.  Of sitting at a table in a kitchen watching someone lovingly craft a meal wearing a pinny; face flushed from the heat of the stove and from the joy of spending time with family.

Those times are a treasured age and I was fortunate to have someone in my life with that ability to talk about family history and stories about my Father (who has unfortunately passed away) and I can now relate these to my own family.

The dish for me is ultimately a connection to family, home and the feeling of being loved and to love back.  Whilst your users wont get the same “glow” of my particular set of memories and connection to loved ones past – I really hope that they enjoy this dish as much as we do and that it becomes a favourite comfort food to feed their soul and to ease their pockets as it’s a really great frugal dish to feed their own families.

And can I finish by saying a really big thank you to everyone who took part and sorry to those who didn’t win but there’ll be more chances in the future and I hope taking part brought back as many fun and fabulous memories as it did for us!

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