Pancake Day – Flipping Good Fun!

Pancake Day is a great time to get out the mixing bowl, frying pan and an excuse to whisk up something delicious to share with your friends or family.

Invite them round and see who can make the biggest pancake or flip it the highest. To toss a pancake successfully is not as easy as it looks, the right pancake mix, a hot pan, speed and practice are what’s needed.

Click here for a traditional pancake recipe but what filling is your favourite?

Whether savoury – spinach & ricotta, Chinese crispy duck, American style with bacon and maple syrup, ratatouille or cheesy leeks… or sweet – my favourite lemon & sugar, Ice cream, chocolate sauce, banana’s and cream or French Crepes Suzette – you can use anything you like as fillings! The above recipes are just a starting point or perhaps try other recipes from the site such as Kenny’s French pancakes or coconut pancakes. Or to make a change, you could try out some savoury options with wholemeal or buckwheat flour. There are also very tasty Indian-style pancakes made with chickpea flour and spices. These are a low-fat option because they don’t contain any butter or eggs, and they go really well with a tasty curry.

Chinese pancakes (also fits in well with Chinese New Year) are also traditionally made with flour and water, without added fat, although you need a bit of oil to cook them. You could serve these with stir-fried veg and chicken or duck, with a spicy dipping sauce.

What’s your favourite pancake? Send us an email [email protected] and let us know; we can then make sure all the best recipes are on MyDish ready for Pancake day Tuesday 16th Feb.

The Origins of Pancake Day

  • Pancake Day is the traditional feast day before the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday. Lent – the 40 days leading up to Easter – is traditionally a time of fasting.
  • Pancake Day became a great way to use the foods that were given up for Lent – milk, butter, and eggs. Pancakes have featured in recipe books as far back as 1439!
  • Did you know the biggest pancake ever was made in Rochdale in 2004? It was 15 metres in diameter, weighed three tonnes and had an estimated two million calories! Can you better that? Frying pans at the ready.

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