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Let's celebrate chocolate

This week it’s chocolate week so I thought I would pull together some stuff about chocolate, some useful, some interersting and some downright silly.

I made a chocolate fountain one year at home for New Year’s eve.  Most of you probably already know this but I didn’t…when melting chocolate, if you want to add cream – don’t mix cold cream into warm choclate because it will just curdle and clump up.  Chocolate fountain a nice idea that didn’t materialise that year.  I only found out later that you have to warm the milk or cream first before adding it to the chocolate!

Chocolate Fountain when it works!
Chocolate Fountain when it works!

Chocolateis produced from the tress of the tropical Cacao tree and has been cultivated for thousands of years with it first documented use in 1100BC.  The origins of cooking with chocolate can be traced back to Aztec times when it was enjoyed as a hot drink before being brought to Europe where it was immensely popular with the upper classes. It was extensively refined and by 1819 a Swiss manufacturer made what is thought to have been the first chocolate bar. Since then chocolate has been infused into our  chocolate recipes and savoured as a much-loved treat with the average Britain alone consuming 8.6kg a year.

We have tons of recipes for chocolate mainly for desserts, biscuits and cakes.

Choc chip cookie helps sign up new members to MyDish
Choc chip cookie helps sign up new members to MyDish

One of my most popular is New York chocolate chip cookie recipe – I love the recipe and the story that goes with it.  It is the recipe we always use at exhibitions and this week at university freshers fairs to give people a taste of great homebaking so they can see what we are all about before they sign up to be a member.  We tried university freshers fairs for the first time to get people who are setting up their own home for the first time, to swap their favourite recipes with their friends and in 3 days we signed up over 1500 new members.  Hooray for the choc chip cookie!

Other favourites of mine are chocolate mousse, chocolate brownies, chocolate crispies and of course chocolate cake.   In fact i was trying to lose some weight over the last few months and after a month of healthy eating I was craving for some chocolate and made myself a chocolate refrigerator cake bar – yum yum that cured the craving straight away.

But the best cake shared on MyDish in my opinion is the 5 minute chocolate mug cake - I think the title speaks for itself wouldn’t you say?  And in my humble opinion, the funnest is one for chocolate Pizza

Maltesers Competition Winner

It is one of the nicer parts of my job to be able to call someone up and tell them they have won a competition.  From personal experience I made sure that our winner knew exactly who I was and what they had won as whenever I have “won” things in the past it has usually been with a super catch!

But it was lovely to tell our winner poiresauchocolat that her Maltesers Chocolate layered cake was chosen from all those shortlisted and from the runners up to win the very smart Kitchenaid mixer.

Our winner with her Kitchenaid mixer
Our winner with her Kitchenaid mixer

She was SO excited about it that she blogged about the competition and her winnings -check out her blog Poires Au Chocolat

“Not only do I get that gorgeous (and it has to be said – sexy) mixer, but my cake is also going to be sold at Lorraine Pascal’s Ella’s Bakehouse in Covent Garden for a day (not sure which yet) with the proceeds going to my choice of charity. I think I’m getting some Maltesers products too…

winning Cake - Maltesers Layer Cake
Winning Cake - Maltesers Layer Cake

For my charity, I chose Guide Dogs. As someone with fairly bad slight that can thankfully be treated with contact lenses, loosing my sight is one of my worst nightmares. Whenever I am without glasses or contacts I want to cling on to anybody I know and trust – the world feels so alien, even at home nor somewhere very familiar. As a big dog lover too, I can see why having a guide dog would fulfill this purpose beautifully.  I don’t know if much money will be raised, but that’s my thoughts anyway.”

We had some great runner’s up as well.  Check out their Maltesers recipes at the Maltesers chocolate group or more specifically well done to Rebeccabakescakes the creator of Maltesers Cookies,

Maltesers Cookies
Maltesers Cookies

Melaniemelbob with her Maltesers fudge

A tray od Maltesers Fudge
A tray of Maltesers Fudge

Malty Malteser Cupcakes
Malty Malteser Cupcakes

We also have as a runners up Malty Maltesers Cupcakes by Iheartcupcakes,

Chocolate Malteser Ice-cream by Kristin

and last but by no means least Saffron and Malteser Brioche by ZoshJosh

Well done to all our winners – please keep sharing your recipes and add your fab photos!

Chocolate Lovers

I have a very good friend who is an absolute chocoholic – this Easter she ended up fighting with her children over the Easter eggs and gorging herself and at the end of the evening one of the  eggs was melted under her butt  on to the chair.  I think she only realised how bad things were when her 13 year old son gave back his egg and said its OK mum you can have it!!!  You know who you are – I will not name and shame you

So for all  you chocoholics out there and for the sake of my friend Nibby!!! Share your most favourite chocolate recipes and those including Maltesers will be entered into our chocoholic competition to win a Kitchen Aid mixer.

And if you have any lovely chocy photos to go with it – add them to the story in the recipe

Here are some photos we love

posted by Lovethybrother on saintwoods.com
posted by Lovethybrother on saintwoods.com from romanceroundtable.com