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Carol’s top 10 Chocolate, chocolate & more chocolate

It’s Chocolate week next week so it got me thinking about the best chocolate recipes we have and other recipes I can grab for my favourites from all over the web to make Carol’s top 10 chocolate recipes.

So while I was considering the yummiest chocolate dishes to share with you I got distracted and had to make myself a quick fix of ….chocolate (bang goes my diet!)

So before we even judge chocolate recipes by the sweetest, gooeyest, or richest – you have to consider the quick fix

1. Chocolate – the quick fix

Chocolate crispies by Carol Savage (me!)

chocolate crispies
chocolate crispies in 10 mins


2. Chocolate for teatime

chocolate cheesecake by Reed

chocolate cheesecake
Delicious Cheesecake recipe, never fails uploaded by Reed


3. Chocolate indulgence

Chocolate fudge by melaniemelbob

malteser chocolate fudge
Chocolate fudge with maltesers


4. Autumnal warming chocolate pudding

Baked chocolate pudding by Jamie Oliver

Baked chocolated pudding
Jamie Oliver’s baked chocolate pudding which I have linked in my favourites for those cold winter nights


5. Chocolate dessert – for a sweet fix after a hearty meal

Chocolate pudding brownies by Samantha


chocolate pudding brownies
Chocolate pudding brownies – gooey in the centre bext served with vanilla ice cream

6, My Kid’s favourite chocolate cookie

Easy chocolate chip cookies by Team MyDish

Chocolate chip cookies
Cook these for 10-12 minutes if you like gooey chocolate chip cookies

7.  Chocolate fridge cake that is Fun to bake with kids

Chocolate biscuit cake by Debbie Myers

Chocolate biscuit cake
Debbie Myers chocolate biscuit cake

8. Rich chocolate dessert

Chocolate banoffee pie by Carnation

Chocolate banoffee pie
Cheats easy to make chocolate banoffee pie


9. Individual impressive chocolate desserts

Chocolate Ameretti Mouse by Pam Canetti

Chocolate Ameretti Mousse
Chocolate Ameretti mousse served in individual glasses


10. Rich slice of Chocolate heaven

Chocolate torte with raspberry mousse by chef ella <3

Dark chocolate torte
Homemade raspberry mousse tops this dark chocolate torte – serve with creme fraiche or vanilla ice cream





Birthday cakes for 8 year old boys

We had so much fun creating a football birthday cake – it was made as 2 halves and stuck together with buttercream icing.  I spent Saturday morning decorating my little masterpiece – only to have to remove all the top layer and start again.
I was completely stressing out over the pattern on the football – I know it’s a bit over the top really as the fact that it was round was good enough for all the little 8 year old boys.  But I didn’t realise at first that football patterns are made up of hexagons and pentagons.  And then when I tried to copy my sons football, it wasn’t the traditional black and white variety that I think of , but a new FiFa designed football.

Only after I struggled trying to make each alternate block black (chocolate brown) and white did I realise that it is only the pentagons that are coloured!

It only mattered to me (and my older boys just made fun of me) but in the end we had a spread of cupcakes –I am going to share my cupcake class experience with you next – chocolate crispies and my husband made chocolate chip shortbread…today I diet!

Jamie's Football Party for his 8th Birthday

Let's celebrate chocolate

This week it’s chocolate week so I thought I would pull together some stuff about chocolate, some useful, some interersting and some downright silly.

I made a chocolate fountain one year at home for New Year’s eve.  Most of you probably already know this but I didn’t…when melting chocolate, if you want to add cream – don’t mix cold cream into warm choclate because it will just curdle and clump up.  Chocolate fountain a nice idea that didn’t materialise that year.  I only found out later that you have to warm the milk or cream first before adding it to the chocolate!

Chocolate Fountain when it works!
Chocolate Fountain when it works!

Chocolateis produced from the tress of the tropical Cacao tree and has been cultivated for thousands of years with it first documented use in 1100BC.  The origins of cooking with chocolate can be traced back to Aztec times when it was enjoyed as a hot drink before being brought to Europe where it was immensely popular with the upper classes. It was extensively refined and by 1819 a Swiss manufacturer made what is thought to have been the first chocolate bar. Since then chocolate has been infused into our  chocolate recipes and savoured as a much-loved treat with the average Britain alone consuming 8.6kg a year.

We have tons of recipes for chocolate mainly for desserts, biscuits and cakes.

Choc chip cookie helps sign up new members to MyDish
Choc chip cookie helps sign up new members to MyDish

One of my most popular is New York chocolate chip cookie recipe – I love the recipe and the story that goes with it.  It is the recipe we always use at exhibitions and this week at university freshers fairs to give people a taste of great homebaking so they can see what we are all about before they sign up to be a member.  We tried university freshers fairs for the first time to get people who are setting up their own home for the first time, to swap their favourite recipes with their friends and in 3 days we signed up over 1500 new members.  Hooray for the choc chip cookie!

Other favourites of mine are chocolate mousse, chocolate brownies, chocolate crispies and of course chocolate cake.   In fact i was trying to lose some weight over the last few months and after a month of healthy eating I was craving for some chocolate and made myself a chocolate refrigerator cake bar – yum yum that cured the craving straight away.

But the best cake shared on MyDish in my opinion is the 5 minute chocolate mug cake - I think the title speaks for itself wouldn’t you say?  And in my humble opinion, the funnest is one for chocolate Pizza