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Carol’s How to – Make Chocolate handbags

I am NOT the teacher but very keen to share snippets of information that I have picked up at workshops I go to.  This one is another special from faircake – Shikhita a fabulously passionate teacher who makes chocolate decorating look like an art form.


In order to make a chocolate handbag here are the steps

Step 1 – Roll out a strip of chocolate about as wide as a ruler and about10 cm long

Step 2 – roll a kidney bean shape and place it at the bottom of the strip (this is the content of your handbag)

Step 3 – Roll the bottom end up over the handbag content

Step 5. Cut out the top fold like the riangle of an envellope.

Step 6. Fold down the flap and use a tool to make the stiching imprints

Step 7 – finally roll out 2 thin sausage shapes and wind them together to make the strap and then voila you have the finished article – a chocolate handbag – courtesy of Shikhita at Faircake (where she does loads more cupcake decorations!

Birthday cakes for 8 year old boys

We had so much fun creating a football birthday cake – it was made as 2 halves and stuck together with buttercream icing.  I spent Saturday morning decorating my little masterpiece – only to have to remove all the top layer and start again.
I was completely stressing out over the pattern on the football – I know it’s a bit over the top really as the fact that it was round was good enough for all the little 8 year old boys.  But I didn’t realise at first that football patterns are made up of hexagons and pentagons.  And then when I tried to copy my sons football, it wasn’t the traditional black and white variety that I think of , but a new FiFa designed football.

Only after I struggled trying to make each alternate block black (chocolate brown) and white did I realise that it is only the pentagons that are coloured!

It only mattered to me (and my older boys just made fun of me) but in the end we had a spread of cupcakes –I am going to share my cupcake class experience with you next – chocolate crispies and my husband made chocolate chip shortbread…today I diet!

Jamie's Football Party for his 8th Birthday