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Dinner Party Menus, kicking off the MyDish Menu Collection

I have some friends over for dinner tonight and I have always wanted to use MyDish to create a collection of people’s ideas for dinner party menus.  So for now I am going to use my blog to pull together themes and ideas for different menus so that we can all have new recipe inspiration when we entertain friends with different menu ideas to try out….and I would love you to help me do this.

I want to build a collection of peoples favourite menus – don’t you find it is not just about good food recipes but what goes well with what.  Some of my friends like to theme their dinner party menus i.e create an Italian starter (minestrone?) with an Italian main course (lasagna recipes) followed by an Italian dessert (Tiramisu).

Other ways of pulling together a menu would be choosing the main course first and then thinking about the starter and dessert that would compliment the main dish.  When having a rich and creamy main course I would choose and light starter and a non-creamy dessert.

So tonight this is my menu – Carol’s menu number 1


Smoked Salmon and Poached Egg Souffle (This is tasty and quick and really easy to make)

Main Course

Anna’s Lamb Tagine with Apricots


Key Lime Pie (I am adding a lime jelly to the top) and will tell you whether it works or not

Pudding Chocolate Brownies another recipe I had at a friends dinner (Thanks Samantha)

Summer Fruit Medley – This I had at a friends house (its Pam Canettis recipe and the ginger and mint give a really refreshing zing to it)

All of these recipe ideas, those that I like that are not mine – I have added to “My favourites” so that whenever I want to make something I have easy access to the recipes I know, I like or I have tried – I even look at my friend’s favourite recipes (the people I follow) as I know them , I trust them and I like to try what they like best.

Please do send me your dinner party menu favourites so I can add them to our collection and give all of our members inspiration and different combinations to try out.

What our members say

From our recent survey we have found out some interesting and important things to help us develop MyDish and make it better for you.

Most people are looking for easy homemade dishes and come to MyDish to find easy, but great recipe inspiration. – So we are on the lookout for more favourite recipes like Phoebs Mum’s bread and butter chocolate pudding – It was easy to make and the kids loved it. Other examples of our great easy recipes are Best Apple Crumble, Authentic Chicken Curry, Spaghetti Bolognese, Chocolate Cake, The Ultimate Banoffee Pie I could go on forever!

The reason most people join up is to get the emailer with recipe ideas each week and to keep their favourite recipes easy to hand in one place (So we are making updates to MyPlace making it even easier to store recipes and follow chefs)

Over 50% of people are looking for special occasion recipes, cakes and desserts, starters and soups and nearly everyone is looking for new main course ideas. So we are now looking at what people want us to send them each week in the weekly emailer.

What I found really interesting is that we are becoming a nation of International and adventurous eaters. Whereas 85% of people grew up cooking British Food, over 85% now cook cuisines at home that come from all over the world. Most people like to try / learn Indian, Italian, Mexican Greek and French food

The most common food that people remember from growing up include stews, shepherds pie, roast dinners, summer pudding and apple crumble, but there is a complete range of different individual recipes that people remember but have lost from childhood. We are looking to build a “wanted” section – for now just shout and I will ask people for a recipe you are looking to here on my blog.

63% of our community were taught to cook by their mum whilst 17% cooked with their gran and 11% taught themselves via their own experiments – most people try recipes from their friends, their family, Jamie Oliver and Delia Smith. Most people Over 75% have special recipes they associate with their mum or their gran and want to keep hold of these recipes and share them with their kids.

But we don’t just ask you questions we have beenlistening to your feedback and we are working hard on developing the site and have some fab improvements coming over the next few weeks and months – watch this space!