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Entertaining at home – Bollywood style

I went out to my friends Nibby’s 45th birthday party which was a Bollywood party.  Not having been to one of these parties before I asked a very good friend to lend me the appropriate dress.  She came to my home to dress me in this most beautiful sari.

The house was all abalze with incense and candles and looked incredibly festive – but it was the food that really made the party what it was (as well as the booze and music of course!)

Sam enjoying dinner
Sam enjoying dinner

We had Iram’s Chicken Korma which is a recipe from Nibby’s mum and vegetable curry, sag aloo and a chickpea dish and what was so lovely was that we had  plateful of different flavours.  They all thought I was a bit mad going around photographing all the dishes but hey I got some great shots for the library!

A fantastic display of spice and flavour
A fantastic display of spice and flavour
Chicken Korma striaght from the pan
Chicken Korma striaght from the pan

Make it a Valentine's Day to Remember

OK we all know it’s Valentine’s Day – you just can’t miss it! It’s the time of year where flowers, cards and dinners are traditionally double the price. So for me I much prefer to have fun entertaining at home whether it’s a romantic meal for two or just entertaining some friends.

I start by planning the theme of the menu – is it going to be British, French, Indian and then carry the theme all the way through.

I think a French theme tends to set a romantic feel to a dinner, I also find that a lot of my recipes are quite rich so I try to make sure that either the starter or the dessert is not a creamy one.
So my french menu would start with a French onion soup followed by Beef Wellington and finished off with raspberry crème brûlée. Let me know what you think and if you would cook something similar.

If you are stuck for ideas here are some more suggestion from the team.

Helga’s Italian Menu
Italian food is one of my favourites so on the Saturday night I am having a few friends round. Usually on a Saturday we go out but you know that the night before Valentine’s restaurant will be packed and serving the obligiatory set menu!!. To start I will serve bruchetta (with loads of garlic), followed by lasagne everyones favourite and for dessert yummy tiramisu. Washed down with some lovely Italian wine. On Sunday later afternoon I will cook a traditional British roast – roast lamb (we bought a whole sheep from our friends in Norfolk) for just my boyfriend Mark and me. Nothing special but Mark is a sucker for roasts so I know I am on to a winner.

Reena’s Indian romantic dinner
Here are my 3 recipes you could use for your Valentines Indian Dinner – Both the kebabs and the spicy masala fish can be prepped the day before so they are great time savers, you don’t want to spend all night in the kitchen on Valentines! The chocolate cheesecake too, start on it early eve and get it out the fridge just after your meal. The fish main course is something my mum cooks up in minutes for my dad when he’s feeling peckish, and I love it too, I never liked fish until I tried this dish so give it a go. You can easily turn this into a slightly runny curry by frying some long thinly sliced onions and a dollop of tomato puree before adding the fish.