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Fudge Challenge – My latest attempts

OK I have been experimenting and getting visibly fatter by the day.  So far Tintins Scottish Tablet recipe has been a great find but I struggled to make it smooth whilst keeping the crumbly texture.  So five stars from me for flavour and texture but I had to find a way of stopping it taste of sugar and having a granular affect in my mouth (I am sure that is my mistake rather than the recipe – so tell me what I am doing wrong please!)

My next success, after a lot of experimentation was when we tried Carnation’s ultimate fudge which is fanatstic in terms of both flavour and smoothness – BUT it was a bit too soft and squidgy for my critical sons.

I made this batch with Tom and the smoothness I think can be attributed to more condensed milk and regular milk in the recipe and I also used a thicker and wider pan to ensure the sugar dissolved (which it all did – there was no sugary after taste or feel)

A number of people have come back to me saying they have cracked it and have offered up their recipes.  A number of people- (and you know who you are!) have just said they have cracked it but have yet to put up their recipe – all promises but lets see you deliver.

I had a meeting with Tony today our chief techy (basically the person who makes everything work on MyDish) and I gave him my latest fudge recipe – thumbs up from him and Mia!

I will keep going to maintain this smoothness but make the fudge a little more crumbly in  texture…but I should take a break for a couple of days as I just can’t resist it when it is in the house.  I am going to find a new challenge…I just love hunting down the perfect recipe!!!

Fudge Challenge

My middle son Tom has set me a challenge – to make fudge as good as he got when we were on holiday in CapeTown – I have not succeeded yet!  I have tried Tintins Scottish tablet which is really delicious but I can’t quite get the consistency right.  It is either too gooey and yellowy white in colour (when I simmered the mixture for 10 minutes).

When I cooked it until the mixture turned caramel brown it set and was very crystally.  I am not giving up.  I am going to try different recipes and different cooking techniques until i get it absolutely perfect.

We are looking for light brown in colour, crumbly but when you pop it into your mouth the fudge melts and you don’t feel like you are biting a mouthful of granulated sugar.

So far my best Fudge attempt is definately TinTin’s granny recipe Scottish Tablet but i Think I need to get the crystalisation right so the flavour is absolutely perfect! 

Any tips from people who have managed to crack it?