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A French Style menu- MyDish Menu # 18

Did you ever see the film Julie & Julia with Meryl Streep.  It was the story of an American girl who aspires to cook all 524 of her recipes in 365 days.  As you probably know by now we have a similar challenge – although ours is weekly and not for recipes but for menus with recipes that compliment each other.

Therefore as the idea was taken from the film I thought it only fitting to dedicate one of the menus to Julie and Julia and create a French themed menu.


Champignons Farci

Main Course

Beef Bourguignon


Pear Tarte Tatin

The starter is one of my favourites.  The mushrooms are hollowed out and the middle chopped together with onions and shallots and sauted with a little kick of  Madeira.

The main course is a French Classic and great for this time of year. Beouf Bourginon is a French classic casserole of beef slow cooked in a red wine sauce with small onions and mushrooms.

The dessert I have chosen is not one of Julie & Julia’s but a variation on a french theme.  Typical french desserts include creme brulee, Tarte Tatin , souffle, crepes and truffles.  I have chosen one of our members desserts – Pear Tarte Tatin


We are now looking for some great inspiration for Spring time dinner party menus – have you got a great combination of dishes – of course if yours is chosen it will be published in our book of 52 dinner party menus – come back to me at [email protected]


Supper Party Menu – MyDish Menu #16

A great choice by Ros of Weight Expectations for January.  You don’t need to make a dinner party that is ladened with cream in order to have something tasty .  Ros says ” Here is my menu for a really healthy and easy supper party.  I usually stick to simple recipes that don’t take loads of time to prepare but look impressive!  ”

Ros’ Supper Party Menu


Walnut, Orange & Avocado Salad

Main Course

My Mother’s Stuffed Red Peppers


Low Fat Choc Mousse Pots

Orange Walnut & Avocado SaladThis is a really light starter that goes well with any meal, but Ros serves it up with her mum’s stuffed red peppers which are a Hungarian style dish.

Stuffed Red Peppers

This is finished off with a creamy, but low fat Chocolate mousse pot – which is decorate with some creme fraiche and some berries that are in season.

Ros is a weight management and nutrition coach, passionate in her belief that everyone can achieve lasting, healthy weight loss – without the stress of restrictive dieting.  For more information visit WeightExpectations.com

Jenny’s menu choice – MyDish menu #15

Jenny is a food blogger and lives in Dorset – She describes herself as “a 50-something disabled Mum trying to get by as best she can with what is available. I thoroughly enjoy sharing recipes & ideas through my blog with those who are interested in cooking good food on an elastic budget and more importantly, for pleasure.”

Jenny’s Supper Menu


Herby Chicken Liver Pots with Melba Toast

Main Course

Salmon and Leek Parcels

Beetroot Couscous

Green Salad


Goosebery & Elderberry Cream

Almond & Elderflower Cookies

I’ve been referring to this dinner party menu as an “Easy Supper Party”, largely because the greater part of the courses can be made well in advance.  The starter, the couscous and the entire dessert are all recommended as being made in advance, and even the salmon parcels can be made up ready for baking.  For me, this is an essential for any dinner party.  As a disabled Mum, any way of easing the inevitable stress brought about by needing to feed numbers of people, is a very good thing!

When I think about this supper party, I envisage a property on the rugged Cornish coast, with a large veranda suitable for a big old dining table surrounded by comfy chairs.  Candles are on the table, along with several bottles of sparkling wine and everyone is relaxed and just enjoying the food along with the scenery.  Bliss!

Chicken Liver Pots

Salmon and Leek Parcels – courtesy of BBC Good Food

Beetroot Couscous (Jenny’s recipe)

he Dessert is another BBC Good Food recipe, whereas the biscuits are my adaptation of a basic cookie recipe given by Rachel Allen in “Bake”.  However, I’m sure you could find that basic recipe just about anywhere, so I’m not sure any copyright would apply in this case.

Gooseberry & Elderflower Cream with Almond & Elderflower Cookies

Thanks Jenny for sharing your favourite supper menu – for more inspiration you can check out Jenny’s blog at Jenny Eatwell’s Rhubarb & Ginger

Now I am looking for the most romantic dinner menu for 2 – what with Valentines coming up!   Please send in your suggestions for the best Romantic dinner to me at [email protected]










MyDish Menu # 14 – Perfect for Sharing!

This menu is a combination of some of my favourite dishes that  I regularly cook for friends and family and these are some great dishes, fun to make and perfect for sharing! Then I say tuck in, get your hand’s messy and enjoy!

Mini Tostada’s are my version on a starter or canapes  with a Mexican influence, creamy avocado, fresh tomato tangy salsa, sharp onion and crumbly feta.

Tandoori Chicken, is not tandoori chicken unless it’s homemade, it’s taste ten times better! Flavours are marinaded in the chicken and roasted to a crispy skinned, succulent main dish, complimented with dhal similar to how my mum makes it, truly delicious!

Finish off with a naughty but sweet, soft, medley of bananas and caramel banoffee pie Your guests will be wanting more!

Selina’s Dinner party menu – perfect for sharing!



Tostadas, Avocado, Salsa & Feta Cheese

Main Course

Tandoori Chicken

Yellow Split Pea Dahl

Wholemeal Chappatis


Easy Banoffee Pie

If you’re wondering what a Tostada is, it’s simply mean’s ‘toasted’ in Spanish. They are layered or individual grilled or fried tortillas, which can be topped with a variety of ingredients. It doesn’t take that long to make , I’m counting about 15-20 minutes ! These are great snacks

This menu is all about sharing and what better than this dish to share between family or friends. Spicy, vibrant red chicken drumsticks and  accompanied by a creamy yellow split pea dhal.

The dhal is spiced up with curry powder fried onions, tomatoes and some fresh herbs (just how my mum makes it!).

It was all served with homemade wholemeal chappatis, thin, warm and delicious with the dhal!

For the dessert this i an easy recipe and one of Selinas favourite. Gold old Nestle’s Carnation Milk is required to be used in this recipe, making the caramel with this is a joy to watch! You see the milk, sugar and butter turn into something creamy and mocha in colour..The smell is gorgeous! The chopped bananas are added to this mix and placed on top of the biscuit base and chilled in the fridge.  To really impress I use Pecans to add to the biscuit base and to decorate on top!

Selina is a Food blogger, writer, cake baker/decorator, cook extraordinaire and recipe developer  in a nutshell. At home, the kitchen is her favourite place where she cook’s for family and friends, loves to experiment with flavours and her style is comforting, home cooking as shown through her blog

Which is where she gets to share with the world her life’s loves and food adventures! With a Mauritian background, she enjoy’s travelling the world when she can and attending food festivals/markets and events on a regular basis in the UK.

With experience in wedding and celebration cakes, Selina is planning cookery classes in both cake decorating & traditional/creative home cooking, with supperclubs in the pipeline too.

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