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My First proper party – as a parent

I don’t know if this is what I am supposed to write about as I hate just writing for the sake of it and I tend to write about things that interest me that are somewhat connected to food , cooking, recipes and MyDish.
But this is just about me and my experience last night
My son had a party and we had lots of 15 year old kids in the garden.  We did not supply any alcohol and we had someone help on the door to let in the kids on the list.  At 9 o clock we decided to go 1 step further and search their bags and confiscate any alcohol.
What amazed me was the way these kids drink Vodka, that they smuggled in , in Evian bottles, until they are drunk.  Fast and furious by 8.45pm.  It worries me that the kids go out to get wasted very quickly.  I am not really a prude or very old fashioned (or so I thought) but I wish we could help them have fun safely.  Under age drinking is illegal , but they do it, so rather than stick our heads in the sand or fight it shouldn’t there be a way to guide it so they have a couple of beers , they get a little merry and their bodies can cope.  A really difficult dilemma for a parent, do you allow it, do you condone it, do you supply it or do you say absolutely NO alcohol because you are under age and then they sneak it – I’d love to hear your thoughts. (We said NO alcohol and they sneaked it in and we confiscated what we saw!)