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Cupcakes just the way they are supposed to be by The Gourmet CupCake Company.

As you probably know by now, I have been searching for the best Icing and different ways of creating cupcakes or fairy cakes.  So I decided to visit a professional- Eloise at The Gourmet Cupcake Company and find some tricks of the trade to share with you.  I headed off along the M25 to Chelmsford to meet Eloise and let her show me how to make cupcakes properly.
It was a lovely setting to learn and practice making and decorating cupcakes.  Eloise opened up her home to me and 3 other ladies, one of whom flew all the way from Cyprus to do this Cupcake class.
Eloise gave us her simple failsafe recipe  Easy Vanilla Cupcakes – putting all the ingredients in a bowl and mix until all the lumps are gone and then mix on high until the mixture is really light and fluffy.  We then weighed each cupcake putting 30g in to the cases for the cakes to have fondant poured on top and 35g for the cakes which were to have buttercream icing.
The cakes cooked slowly for 20-25 mins on 160C

While we were waiting for the cakes to cook and cool, Eloise showed us how to make some fabulous decorations to go on the cupcakes.

Besides being great fun and really creative I must say that doing this class was really calming and therapeutic for me.  Maybe my life is a bit manic at the moment but it was a real pleasure in the middle of a pretty hectic week.  I cant describe all the techniques – you’ll just have to go visit Eloise but here are some photos of what I created – it was So satisfying.

What I can share is the technique to create a rose petal.  It was like playing with plasticine.  I has to roll 4 balls the size of imperial mints and 1 of them was to be rolled into a sausage shape.

I then put the shapes between plastic and flattened them creating really thin edge of one side.  You then roll up the sausage shape as the central part of the rose and add 3 petals closing 1 side and putting the second petal on the inside of the first petal.

After a light lunch we made Buttercream Icing and Simple Poured Fondant Icing pouring the fondant icing into the gap between the cake and the case and leaving it to set.  The buttercream we piped around the cupcake and decorated both sets of cupcakes with our sugar decorations.

Eloise does all kinds of courses, wedding cake decorations, basic cupcake courses, chocolate cupcake courses and courses for people who want to create a business making and selling cupcakes.  For more information visit her profile and her website The Gourmet Cupcake Company.

Birthday cakes for 8 year old boys

We had so much fun creating a football birthday cake – it was made as 2 halves and stuck together with buttercream icing.  I spent Saturday morning decorating my little masterpiece – only to have to remove all the top layer and start again.
I was completely stressing out over the pattern on the football – I know it’s a bit over the top really as the fact that it was round was good enough for all the little 8 year old boys.  But I didn’t realise at first that football patterns are made up of hexagons and pentagons.  And then when I tried to copy my sons football, it wasn’t the traditional black and white variety that I think of , but a new FiFa designed football.

Only after I struggled trying to make each alternate block black (chocolate brown) and white did I realise that it is only the pentagons that are coloured!

It only mattered to me (and my older boys just made fun of me) but in the end we had a spread of cupcakes –I am going to share my cupcake class experience with you next – chocolate crispies and my husband made chocolate chip shortbread…today I diet!

Jamie's Football Party for his 8th Birthday