Thankgiving menu – MyDish menu no 10

It seems fitting to dedicate this weeks menu to a Thanksgiving feast.  This has been put together by Jenny (known on MyDish as JWMCCABE) who was born in America, down south and has a wealth of traditional foods that she loves to make and share.  This weekend Jenny is having 16 to dinner for a Thanksgiving dinner party.

Thanksgiving was first celebrated inthe  late fifteen hundreds and was later made a national holiday in America by Abraham Lincoln.  It is a holiday  celebrating the harvest and other good things that have happened over the past year.

Jenny says she loves this holiday even more than Christmas as it brings people together of all faiths and focuses on the good in life (and lets face it , its great to have something to be joyful about rather than thinking about tough times!)

JWMMCABE (aka Jenny’s) Thanksgiving Feast


Posh Quails Egg with rosemary, sea salt & pepper dip

Main Course

Lemon, Basil Turkey Crown

Le Fabulous Parmesan Asparagus

Uber Caramalized Carrots

True Southern Cornbread

Roasted Potatoes

Cranberry Sauce


Alabama Pumpkin Pie

Key Lime Pie

Jenny makes the Desserts  2 days before and freezes them and then takes them out the day of the feast to let them Thaw!

On the day Jenny starts preparation around lunchtime with dinner planned for 7.30.  She buys the Turkey fresh which keeps cooking time down and gets the Turkey ready to put ion the oven around 4pm.

Basil lemon Turkey Crown , basically the skin is rubbed with salt and paprika and under the skin she pastes a mixture of softened butter, lemon and Basil.

Then while the Turkey is cooking everything else is organised.  The True Southern Cornbread, cranberry sauce and the side dishes.  Its all about the timing.  The dishes are prepared to go in the oven all around the same time to ensure starters are warm on the table at 7.30 with a cold glass of Prosecco, and main course is ready foreight pm.

The Caramalized carrots are cooked with sugar, ginger and a handful of pecan nuts and the Asparagus (Le Fabulous Parmesan Asparagus ) are coated in olive oil and fried, then put in n oven dish and baked and covered with parmesan and baked some more.

These are served with roasted potatoes, paprika, goose fat and sea salt and homemade cranberry sauce on the side.

And then for starters Jenny makes her own Brussels Pate and a Posh Quails Egg Plate with Rosemary, Sea Salt and Pepper dip.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here who is celebrating and a special thank you to Jenny – I wish you and your 16 guests have a fabulous sumptious feast!

Have you got a feast to share?  Do you do a special something over the Christmas season…please let us know your favourite dinner party menu at [email protected]

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