To Valentine or not to Valentine…that is the question!

I Have 4 boys in my house so when I get Valentines cards and buy 4 at a time I always get really strange looks at the till and feel the need to explain myself “3 sons and 1 husband” so I don’t look like a real player!!!   But through the years there has always been different views on Valentine.

When I was first going out with my husband I used to leave my card on the stairs as he went out to remind him to get me one.  Now I tell him “don’t forget it Valentines Day” so I don’t have to get dissapointed.

His view is adamant “I don’t need a commercial day to make me tell you I love you” – bah humbug – so we don’t go out to over inflated priced restaurants but I do like to make something a little special for dinner.

Today I didn’t get breakfast in bed ...but I did get left alone in bed all morning …for a full time working mum with 3 kids that is more special than anything.

That in turn deserves a special dinner.  My favourite is Smoked Salmon a la Carol, followed by Beef Wellington, followed by Raspberry Creme Brule.  (Check out our Valentines Collection for your favourites)

OK so that thought has set me off on my next challenge…to find the best combination of starter, mains and desserts for a romantic dinner or a dinner party.  Its not just about making a great starter or having a fab recipe for the best dessert ever but knowing what goes well with what.  This is going to be my mission over the next few months…please please please tell me your great menu and until then all I can say is watch this space!!!!

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