Traditional Christmas Menu – MyDish Menu #11

I wanted to give the choice of Christmas menu to one of our very special members and so I asked Astrochef to choose out of his 203 recipes his selection for a Christmas Dinner Party Menu.

Astrochef is a renowed chef in London – Known as the best kept secret in london.  He lives with his wife Maureen and worked for 10 years as the chef for Lord and Lady hanson.  The thing I love most about all of Astrochefs recipes is that there is a story associated with each of his recipes.  A memory of a time and a place when the dish was made – take a look it makes for really wonderful reading and it is truly what MyDish is about – a recipe that reminds you of a time, a place or a person!

I phoned Astrochef and asked him to choose his menu so here goes

Astrochef’s Traditional Christmas menu


Asparagus with Quails Egg and Procuito

Main Dish

Classic Roast Turkey with all the trimmings

Brussel Sprouts

Sage & Onion Stuffing

Potatoes roasted in Goose fat


 Christmas Pudding

“We usually like to start with a seafood dish , something like Crab and Lobster Tiam becuase it is a light hors doeavre.  But for this year I have chosen my asparagus dish as it also a really wonderful light starter.

This was a favourite of Lady Hanson , in this recipe Astrochef grills the Asparagus , boils the quails eggs and grills the proscuito.  But what really makes it special is the truffle oil drizzed at the end!

Obviously the choice for Main course is Astrochef’s Classic Roast Turkey dish.  This recipe is one he has used since he started roasting turkeys professionally in 1968!  Astrochef prefeered Turkey is a Norfolk bronze or a Norfolk Black as they are a bit more of a wild turkey, a little gamier and not so dry.  They already have their turkey in the freezer in time for the big day!

So what are all the trimmings?   Astrochef uses his basic sage and onion stuffings ( mixed with chicken livers).  He makes cocktail sausages wrapped in Bacon and roast potatoes roasted in goose fat.  And every year Maureen insists he has at least 4 Brussel sprouts!

And for the finale Astrochef’s Christmas pudding is a recipe that he was given many years ago from a chef working on the QE2

This Christmas pudding is  prepared the day before you want to steam it.  It is full of mixed fruits, mixed peel and spices. It’s traditional to get together all the family around, especially the children, and encourage everyone to have a really good stir and make a wish!  The mixture should have a fairly sloppy consistency and then left in a covered bowl overnight.  The next day the mixture is put into a greased basin, covered with baking parchment and  steamed for 8 hours – make sure you keep an eye on the level of what in the steamer so it doesn’t dry out and burn!

Astrochef and Maureen serve their Christmas Pudding with a sprig of holly on top and then they add a ladle of heated brandy and light it.  When the delight of the flames has dies down, serve with brandy butter and enjoy!

Thank you to both Astrochef and Maureen for selecting our Christmas menu and of course for sharing over 200 recipes all with wonderful stories that really bring them all to life!

Just an aside I remember my childhood Christmas pud had 5 pence pieces in them and we all had to find the coins before eating the pudding.  Do you have any wierd and wonderful traditions that go with your Christmas feast?

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