MyDish enters the Dragons Den

During her appearance in the Dragons´ Den, founder and MD Carol Savage successfully tempted Deborah Meaden with MyDis...

During her appearance in the Dragons´ Den, founder and MD Carol Savage successfully tempted Deborah Meaden with and walked away with a generous serving of investment.

Carol says "I´m thrilled Deborah said ‘I’m in.´ It made the whole scary ordeal of appearing on Dragons´ Den truly worthwhile. 

Deborah said about the investment, "this was an interesting one for me, bearing in mind I haven´t cooked a meal in 25 years! Whilst this might not be home ground for me, Carol clearly explained the opportunity and I got the sense that she was a real achiever, someone I could work with to maximise the opportunity." 

Since their first appearance on Dragon´s Den the MyDish team have been busy attending food lover´s haven A Taste of London where food fanatics had the chance to sign up as members, as seen on Dragon´s Den re-visited which was screened only last week. In the past month the team have been visiting various universities from Manchester to Oxford, armed with batches of MyDish cookies to inspire students to get their most treasured recipes out there and become part of the MyDish foodie community.

The MyDish site is expanding rapidly with the launch of their new White-label Tesco site, opening up MyDish to millions of Tesco customers to help expand our collection of people´s favourite recipes. Furthermore, another exciting deal with Tesco´s will allow members to order their ingredients for a dinner party or to plan their recipes for the week - to add these recipes to their shopping lists and have it delivered to their door in just a few clicks by Carol says, ´Through this we´ve been able to achieve the vision we had when first appeared on the den, it´s about making great recipes and cooking more accessible to our members.´

Fantastic new sponsorship deals with Coca Cola, Divine Chocolate, Twinnings and Alpro prove that MyDish is a great platform to engage with people interested in food and cooking.

´It´s such an exciting time for us,´ says Carol, ´by teaming up with big names like this we are spreading the word about MyDish, generating fabulous competitors for our members and getting more people to share those recipes that are truly special to them which is exactly what we are about.´

If you didn’t catch Carol doing battle with the Dragons initially, see the programme in full on IPlayer or You Tube See the latest installment on Deborah Meaden´s What Happened next  And if you want Carol´s inside scoop on facing the Dragons, check out Carol´s Blog.

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