DAHL (Vegan)

So nutritious, economical and easy to make! Use any vegan curry flavouring - goes well with vegetables of the season and rice.


1. Measure and check LENTILS for small stones. Rinse well in sieve. cover with WATER, add BAY LEAVES, a drop of OIL and crumbled STOCK CUBE. Bring to boil and simmer gently, stirring occasionally. Add more liquid if required.
2. Peel ONION and GARLIC cloves. Chop into small pieces.
3. Heat OLIVE OIL in a separate small pan, stir in ONION, GARLIC and CURRY PASTE (can be RED, GREEN or a MIX, or INDIAN - and as pep as you like!). Saute together for a couple of minutes then add to simmering lentils
4. Stir in TURMERIC and simmer gently until cooked (10-15 minutes). Check seasoning.
5. Serve with RICE (Thai fragrant brown or white rice is good!) or BAKED POTATOES and a seasonal vegetable like SPINACH, SEA BEET, CAULIFLOWER, BROCOLLI or CABBAGE.


Curry Paste (Thai Red Or Green Curry Paste By LOTUS Is Vegan) 1-2 DSP
Bay Leaves 2
Onion (optional) 1 SMALL
Olive Oil 4 TBSP
Garlic 6-8 CLOVES
Vegetable (or Tomato) 1 STOCK CUBE
Organic Red Lentils 8 OZ
Turmeric 1 TSP
Fresh Coriander To Garnish

Hints 'n' Tips

* Goes well with ROAST VEGETABLES.
* Mix left-over DAHL and RICE, leave overnight then roll into balls and bake on oiled baking sheet - makes tasty, spicy balls that can be eaten hot or cold with salad.
*Read ingredients of Curry Pastes to ensure Vegan - Thai Pastes often have 'shrimp paste' and Indian 'whey' or 'milk powder'.
* DAHL freezes well.


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