The name Tiramisu is from Italian and means "pick me up" (Tirami su) but can be translated figuratively as "make me less sad/happier".


1. Prepare a strong espresso coffee, about 2 cups. Let the coffee cool at room temperature.

2. Beat the egg yolks until they become light and fluffy. Then beat in the sugar and marsala.

3. Transfer the bowl to a pan of simmering water, and whisk until the mixture becomes thick. The zabaglione will thicken just before it boils.

4. Cream the mascarpone - this is easier if you have taken the marscapone out of the fridge and left at room temperature for a while.

5. Add the zabaglione to the mascarpone, beat to mix very well.

6. Whip the cream and then fold the cream into the zabaglione–marscapone mixture until smooth.

7. Now for the fun bit....Lightly soak the savoiardi in the coffee, one at a time. Place them in one layer in a container of approx (30 x 20 cm), approximately 4 cm deep). Spoon half of the zabaglione cream over the ladyfingers then repeat the step with a second layer of ladyfingers, and top with the rest of the cream.

Right there is a difference of opinion here

8a. Sprinkle with the cocoa powder and refrigerate for about 3 – 4 hours.


8b. Sprinkle with cocoa prior to serving.

I prefer 8a :-)


Double Cream 1 Cup
Marscapone 450g
Marsala Wine ½ Cup
Sugar ½ Cup
Egg Yolks (large) 4
Espresso (or Really Strong) Coffee 2 Cups
Savoiardi (lady Fingers) 285g
Cocoa Powder 3 Tbsp

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