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Yummy Roasted Vegtable Lasagna

This recipe was given to me by my Gran. It reminds me of cold winter days. It is rich and creamy and soooo tasty!! It is very easy to make :)If you like lasagna you will like this


Preheat oven to 180
1.Heat the vegatables in a little oil until soft in a pan.
2.Combine the ricotta, egg, 1/2 cup of cheese, basil, parsle, salt and pepper.
3.Spread 1/2 cup of the tomato sauce in the bottom of a large dish, then put down a layer of lasagna sheets.
4.Layer half of the vegtables then some of the cheese mixture on top of the lasagna sheets and sprinkle with mozzarella.
5.Layer with lasagna sheets.
6. Layer sauce, srtong cheese, the vegtables and the remaining ricotta mixture. Spread the pesto over the rocotta and cover with the remaining mozarella.
7. Put the last sheets of lasagna down and put the rest of the tomato sauce down and sprinkle with lots of cheese!
8. Bake for 40 mins or until it looks done.
9. rest for 10 mins and serve.



Fresh ¼ Cup


Egg 1 Large

frozen roasted vegtables

From Tesco 1 Bag

lasagna sauce

Any Brand 1 Jar

lasagna sheets

Dry Lasagna Sheets As Many As You Need


Grated ¾ Cup


Cup ¼


Normal Pesto ¼ Cup

Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta 1 Tub

strong cheese

Any Strong Cheese ¼ Of A Cup

Hints 'n' Tips

use the same cup for all of the measurments. Have extra cheese to hand as you can never have too much cheese on a lasagna.