Red Pepper - Red Onion - Feta Pate - Dip

A delicious pate/dip


Roast the onions in their skins for 45 minutes, cool, peel and chop finely
Deseed and finely chop the peppers (reserve the oil from the jar) You can grill your own, cool and peel as an alternative.
Mix these in with the crumbled feta and add the seasoning and the vinegar.
Substitute some of the olive oil for the reserved oil from the pepper jar and add the oil slowly - how much you use depends on the consistency you want. Without much oil it is more of a pate consistency than a dip.
Serve with warm pitta bread.


Fresh Thyme 1 Tspn
Greek Vinegar (red Wine Vinegar If Not Available) 2 Tbs
Feta Cheese 300g
Sweet Peppers (Jar) 350g
Olive Oil 6 Tbs
Red Onions 125g
Only A Pinch Because Of Feta Salt
To Taste Pepper

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