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A Good Starter-bruschetta-delicious!

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  • Wash fruit/vegetables
  • Cut bread into slices.
  • Dip into olive oil and arrange onto plate-
  • oil side up.
  • Prepare toppings-grate cheese.
  • wash and cut tomatoes into small pieces,
  • (Wash)chop/sprinkle basil leaves.

  • Add topping to bread-cheese, tomatoes, basil leaves etc.
  • Place onto oven tray and cook for 10 minutes..
  • Ingredients

    • 5 Tomatoes on the vine
    • 5ml Olive oil
    • sprinkled/grated Cheese (optional)
    • your choice Basil leaves (or dried version)
    • 1 Bread-ciabatta (make your own-we did) or a baguette

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    One of my favourite breakfasts/starters as I love italian food and it is easy for all ages to make! Try it and see..


    Visit to Italy-Walking up and down hilly streets-admiring the view-getting sore feet-stopping at a lovely little cafe-ordering bruschetta-thoroughly enjoying this starter/breakfast with an italian coffee -admiring the view and watching the world go b Read More