Monkfish in Gorgeous Cream Sauce

Saw this recipe on TV years ago, tried it and now it's a fave of mine. Always impresses at a dinner party! Monkfish is quite a 'meaty' texture.


Melt the butter and gently fry the fish for 1 minute. Add all ingredients EXCEPT the wine, egg yolk and cream. Cook for about 10 mins. Add the wine and transfer the fish to a warmed plate. Allow the sauce to bubble for 1 minute then slowly stir in the cream. Reduce heat and mix the egg yolk into the mixture quite briskly. Pour over the fish and serve.


Chopped Parsley A Little
Fresh Thyme 1 Sprig
Bay Leaf 1
Juice Of A Lemon
Crushed Garlic 1 Clove
Shallot 1 Chopped
Smoked Bacon 2 Rashers
Butter 25g
Monkfish 4 Thin Fillets
Double Cream 150 Ml
Egg Yolk 1
Dry White Wine 1 Glass
Salt & Pepper To Taste

Hints 'n' Tips

I usually serve with new potatoes and vegetables. As the sauce is quite rich it doesn't work so well with oily fish such as salmon.


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I love monkfish but have never considered preparing it in this way. Will definitely give it a try.
Please let me know what you think Gordon? Thanks
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