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Raspberry Cheesecakes

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  • 1. Spoon the biscuit crumbs into the bases of 4 glasses, pressing them down. Beat the quark and soft cheese together and stir in 2 tbsp of the icing sugar. Add the raspberries, squashing them into the mixture. Taste to check sweetness, adding more icing sugar if needed.

  • 2. Carefully spoon the mixture on top of the biscuit crumb bases and then smooth flat. Chill until ready to eat. Decorate with a few extra raspberries if you like.

  • Ingredients

    • 2 Digestive biscuits, roughly crushed
    • 250g Quark
    • 100g Light soft cheese
    • 2-4 tbsp. Icing sugar
    • 150g Frozen raspberries

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