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Fabulous Flapjacks

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  • Melt the margarine, sugar and syrup in a saucepan, stirring all the time. When melted stir in the oats and flour to make a gooey mixture. Pour into a greased flat baking tray and cook in the middle of the oven at a moderate heat for 10-15 mintues or until it starts to harden. Cool, cut into squares and serve.
  • Ingredients

    • brown sugar 6 oz
    • golden syrup 1.5 table spoons
    • 7.5 oz oats
    • 1.5 oz  plain flour
    • 7.5 oz magarine

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    Melted butter, sugar and syrup combined with oats and flour and baked to make a gooey yet crunchy biscuit


    This recipe initially came from my dear late Nan and her sister Elsie. I remember growing up with my Mum baking these flapjacks for my brothers and me. Classicly the recipe was written on a piece of scrap paper that used to sit on the kitchen shelf. Read More