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Tater 'ash (as my Nana made it)

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  • 1. Peel and chop the potatoes and onion.

  • 2. In a large pan fry the chopped onion in some butter until golden brown.

  • 3. Add the potato and add water enough to cover and bring to boil & simmer.

  • 4. Open corned beef, break up into pieces add to the simmering potato and onions.

  • 5. Add beef stock cube(s) or a liquid cube (I like the Knorr Stock Pots) to taste.

  • 6. Simmer until potatoes are cooked. You can add other vegetables too I sometimes add carrot, suede or parsnip.

  • 7. Serve in a large deep plate with a generous helping of pickled red cabbage & white sliced bread to mop up the gravy.

  • Tips

    • This recipe isn't an exact science and can easily be adjusted to personal taste.

      I find browning the onions to begin with adds a lot of flavour to the dish.


    • 1 can (340g) corned beef
    • 4-6 medium sized Potatoes
    • 1-2 large onions
    •  water for boiling
    •  butter for frying
    •  beef stock cube(s)

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    This is my all time winter comfort food. Every Saturday my Nana would make a big pan, served with white sliced bread and pickled red cabbage.


    During the course of the day everyone from the family would pop by for a big plate of tater''''ash. The pan would stay on the stove all day bubbling away. Read More