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Chocolate Chip Cookies

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  • 1. Cream marg/butter and sugar
  • 2. Beat in egg.
  • 3. Stir in flour and chocolate.
  • 4. Place in small spoonfuls on greased/lined baking tray.
  • 5. Bake 180 for 10-15 minutes.
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    • What is 180 in gas mark?

      by Charlie Oldfield on Mon Jun 3 2013   reply to this comment

    • So pleased you liked them - enjoy!

      by Team MyDish on Fri Apr 26 2013   reply to this comment

    • OMG, I loved, so good and also easy. thank you

      by on Sat Mar 23 2013   reply to this comment

    • I tried these Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe and added a hint of orange zest OMG these are great.

      by Anett on Mon Nov 21 2011   reply to this comment

    • I must say I have tried Nigella totally chocolate chocolate chip cookies but your easy chocolate chip cookies recipe is spot on for me. Thanks so much also tweeted this :-)

      by Adrian on Fri Nov 18 2011   reply to this comment

    • This is a sick recipe. Im 12 so i cant do complicated recipes but this was really easy and the taste was well worth the effort

      by Trickster360 on Sat Dec 4 2010   reply to this comment

    • The dough ends up a bit dry there's a bit 2 much flour for the eggs or fat used

      by Lizphills on Mon Mar 22 2010   reply to this comment

    • i loved the cookies thanks so much to die for

      by cookiemonster on Fri Aug 7 2009   reply to this comment

    • omg like totally wow these are liki totally great i've like never tried anything like them!
      The are like awsome!
      toodles x

      by safeting on Wed May 13 2009   reply to this comment

    • Hi my name is Susie and I am 13. I found your cookies really easy to make and me and my mum think that they are delicous! Thanks 4 the gr8 recipe we really enjoyed it!:)

      by woozely on Sun Feb 10 2008   reply to this comment

    • Just made your cookies, they were truely yum!This is Helen's daughter, my name is Ellie && i LOVE your cookies.tee-hehe. thanks for posting your recipie! x :)

      by hi fi on Thu Jan 17 2008   reply to this comment

    • I tried your recipe...It turned out like those french madeira cakes but with chocolate bits....! It was nice though. I had to add a bit of Baking powder and Vanilla essence because it had no flavour!

      by Joyce-x on Wed Dec 26 2007   reply to this comment


    • 75 g soft brown sugar
    • 75 g soft butter/margarine
    • 100 g chocolate chunks/drops
    • 150 g self raising flour
    • 1 egg

    By Views 44065  Added Tue Sep 25 2007

    Easy, quick and delicious cookie recipe I still use from my domestic science lessons at Rosary Priory when I was 11!