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Basil, Lemon Turkey Crown

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  • Very Large ''Fresh'' Turkey crown, rub sea salt and paprika on the skin.

  • Pierce the layer between the skin and the body, so the skin is separated from the body but not broken. Place aside. In a separate dish mix softened butter, basil and the zest of one whole lemon.

  • Mix ingredients until fully combined.

  • Spread butter mixture underneath the skin , either with your hands, gently rub all over the body of the crown. Place in preheated 220 oven for 3.5 to 4 hours( depending upon how crispy you prefer!)
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    • Hi JWMCCABE – thanks for your full explanation I get it know. I can see why the crown may be more expensive, basically the best bits and must be extra work removing the legs and wings etc. Sounds great though and definitely will be on the menu this Xmas – wishing you well over the Festive Season - Imogen

      by Imogen11 on Thu Dec 15 2011   reply to this comment

    • The turkey crown is the top part of the turkey. Some people refer to the crown as the turkey with just the legs removed, but most often the underparts have been cut away and it comes with the bone (not boneless). Turkey crowns are smaller, much quicker to cook, and easier to carve (no worrying about appendages). One downside to turkey crowns is that they can be far more expensive than buying a whole turkey. UK/EU --Costco, Lidl, TescoUS- Costco, Publix, Kroger

      by JWMCCABE on Tue Nov 15 2011   reply to this comment

    • Hi - can you tell me more about "The Crown" bit - not heard of this part of the turkey before and where can I get it? Like the sound of this recipe a lot and seriously planning to cook it for Xmas day. Look forward to hearing from you - all the best - Imogen.

      by Imogen11 on Tue Nov 15 2011   reply to this comment


    • 1 large Turkey
    •  paprika
    •  salt
    • 1 lemon
    • 1 tbsp butter
    •  basil

    By Views 1541  Added Mon Nov 14 2011

    This years Turkey is an 11 kilo monster crown