Tea Bread


Soak the fruit over night in the tea.

Mix the Eggs, Sugar and Flour together and add Cinnamon, add the fruit and mix well together.

Bake in a 900g loaf tin at 170C, fan 160C Gas3 for 1.5 hours. Cool on a wire rack. Slice to serve with butter or lovely on its own.


Soft Brown Sugar 200g
Cinnamon 1 Tsp
Self Raising Flour 270g
Eggs 2
Tea 350ml
Mixed Fruit 350g

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ok, I dont know why this came up as "for the soup" as I didnt enter anything in the header. Can someone advise why this has happened?
Hi lizze13 - I don't know why that heaer would appear if it wasn't typed - but I've now deleted it. Apologies
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