Easy Courgette and Bacon Flan

This flan is quick, moist and can be eaten hot or cold. Great if you have an abundance of courgettes so use in the garden.


1. Grate courgette and squeeze out any excees juices

2. Add cheese, onion, flour and mix together
3. Add eggs, bacon, oil and curry powder then season with salt and pepper.

Mix everything together then pour into a flan dish and bake for 45-50, gas mark 5, 180 degrees

Times may vary but the dish is cooked when the top is lightly browned - enjoy


Oil - Any Type
Flour. Sifted 1 Cup
Eggs. Beaten 3
Onion Grated 1
Cheese. Grated 1 Cup
Courgettes.coarsely Grated 3-4
Curry Powder
Bacon. Chopped 4 Rashers

Hints 'n' Tips

This is easy as you do not need to get your scales out.

When using a cup, just make sure you use the same one for all the measuring. I usually use a small mug.

You can pre-cook the bacon if you want it a little more crispy however it is not necessary.


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