Sticky Toffee Pudding

I am told by all my friends that this is the best sticky toffee pudding! I would like to dedicate this recipe to Beryl who first gave me the recipe.


Pour boiling water over dates and bicarb. Leave to stand whilst you prepare the follwing.
cream butter and sugar together.
Stir in flour and egg.
add the dates with all the liquid. add vanilla
Give a good mix and pour into square tin.
bake at 180 degrees for 40 mins.
Make the sauce by boiling the ingredients together for 2 mins. Pour over warm pudding.
Serve with ice-cream, clotted cream or custard.


Sticky Toffee Sauce

Butter Or Margarine 2oz
Soft Brown Sugar 3oz
Single Cream 2 Tbsp

Toffee Pudding

Vanilla Essence 1 Tsp
Bicarbonate Of Soda 1 Tsp
Boiling Water ½ Pt
Dates. Chopped 6oz
Egg Beaten 1
Flour (self Raising) 8oz
Sugar 6oz
Butter Or Margarine 2oz

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