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Apple Chutney

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  • place all ingreds into a big saucepan, cover and simmer over a moderate heat until tender and slightly thickened. Once to your liking, pot in hot sterile jars. Can be used immediately as accompaniment for cold meats, cheeses.(Best left for 4-6 wks).
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    • 900g/2lbs peeled. cored & chopped cooking apples (peeled and cored weight)
    • 225g/8ozs onions. peeled and chopped
    • 450g/1lb sultanas
    • 700g/1½lb soft brown sugar
    • ¼ tsp salt
    • 1 tblsp mixed spices
    • 900ml/1½ pints good quality apple vinegar
    • 8/9 sterilised jars

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