Carbonara Sauce (Slimming World Recipe)

Low fat alternative to the normal carbonara sauce!


1.Place in a non-stick saucepan the onion with the garlic and stock. Gently cook for 4-5 min., stirring frequently. Remove all visible fat from the bacon (or buy the medallions), cut into strips, add to the pan and cook on high until the bacon has cooked through.
2. In a small bowl whisk the fromage frais, eggs, parmesan cheese, parsley and seasoning.
3. Cook the pasta of your choice, drain and return to the sauce pan on a very low heat. Add the bacon mixture and then the egg mixture. Stir and cook for a further 3 minutes.


Salt And Pepper To Taste
Parmesan Cheese 1 Tbsp
Chopped Fresh Parsley 2 Tbsp
Eggs 2
Quark Or Fat Free Fromage Frais 1 Tbsp
Vegetable Stock (Vecon Or Bouillon) 2 Tbsp
Very Lean Bacon 57 G
Small Onion. Finely Chopped 1
Cloves Garlic- Peeled And Finely Chopped 1

Hints 'n' Tips

Instead of the bacon you can use Peas, green beans and asparagus to make it a primavera sauce. Also try it with smoked salmon and Peas. Very versatile sauce and delicious.


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