Dudsie's Awesome Beef chilli

This is easily the best chilli I've ever tasted!! Best served with sour cream and basmati rice. Enjoy!!


Heat flame proof casserole on medium heat for a few mins. Add olive oil. Add bay leaves. Soften onions on low to medium heat till golden.

Turn up heat and add mince- brown. Turn down the heat and add chilli and garlic- stir, put lid on the pot and leave for at least 5 mins.

Remove lid and add red wine again over a high heat, reduce the wine by half. Then add the tom puree and tinned toms-stir. Leave for about half an hour lid off on low heat- bubbles just visible.

Add the kidney beans. Add the cumin seeds and oregano- stir and cook for further ten mins.

Dudsie's awesome home made chilli done!!


Olive Oil 2-3 Table Spoons
Bay Leaves 2
Red Wine 1 Glass
Oregano. Dried 3 Tea Spoons
Cumin Seeds 2 Tea Spoons
Kidney Beans Canned (in Water But Drained) 1 Tin
Plum Tomatoes 1 Tin
Tomato Puree 4 Table Spoons
Chilli With Seeds. Finely Chopped 2-3
Garlic Cloves. Finely Chopped 4
Onion. Finely Chopped 1
Mince Beef 500 Grams

Hints 'n' Tips

I always get my chilli's from the same place, because its sometimes hard to gauge how hot they will be. Buying from the same place allows consistency in heat. I always use medium hot chiili's.

If you like a slightly more watery chilli then you could add a little beef stock for the last ten mins or more wine at the start.


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The best chilli ever!!!
Good recipe.
Adding dark Chocolate and Sol beer instead of wine. Try it its cool.
Lush :)
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