Salmon Pasta - Yum Yum

It's a good quick "emergency" dish - and the kids love it!! 5 MINS - SORTED !!


1. Boil the fresh pasta in slightly salted water, takes 2 mins (by the way - Tagliatelle is the 1cm wide pasta lengths..)

2. Pour off the water when pasta is just soft

3. Tip the pot of cream over and add the tin of salmon and stir over a low heat for 1- 2 mins

4. Pinch of salt, pepper to taste (pepper really brings the flavour out )

We normally have thinly sliced carrots and brocolli tops with this dish - they take 3 mins to boil by the side at the same time.

I hope you enjoy it - delicious - good "brain food" for kids .. Omega 3 oils...


Fresh Tagliatelle Pasta (Tescos)
Salt And Pepper A Pinch
Skinless And Boneless Salmon 1 Small Tin
Single Cream 1 Small Pot

Hints 'n' Tips

Don't skimp by using cheap pasta or milk with flour to make the sauce -it just won't taste the same!


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