Slow Cooker Chicken Casserole

Of course you could do this in a conventional oven, but it really does taste better made in slow cooker.


Sprinkle a tbls or two of flour over chicken.

Brown chicken in pan with some oil.

Put carrot, celery and onion in slow cooker, add chicken and rest of ingredients.

Put on low for about 3-4 hours.

Remember you don,t need as much liquid when doing in slow cooker, if its a bit runny when finished, add tbls of cornflour mixed with tbls cold water to sauce.

If you don,t have slow cooker put in oven at about 160 oC for about 1 1/2 hrs.


Flour (to Coat Chicken)
Parsley (to Taste)
Thyme (to Taste)
Stock (chicken Or Vegetable) 1-2 Pts
Tomato Puree 2 Tbls
Garlic Clove Crushed 1
Onion Chopped 1
Carrots Diced 1 Large
Celery. Diced 2 Stalks
Chicken Thighs 8
Salt And Pepper To Taste

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hi - do you have a recipe for stovies? my hubby loves them....I have found a couple of recipes but thought that as you were scottish you may have a recipe for them xx thanks
There isn't really a recipe for stovies because its traditionally made with left over roast meat and gravey. It's just potatoes (floury), carrots, turnip (big orange one not the small white ones), onion and then left over beef or lamb with gravey, all cooked slowly on hob in the one pot. Add small amount of water to help the veg cook and plenty of salt and pepper.
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