Banana Cake

Lovely as a warm pudding or cold for supper or in lunch boxes.


Pre-heat oven to Gas Mark 2 / 150 c.
Peel bananas and mash in large bowl.
Sieve flour onto bananas with pinch of salt.
Add rest of ingredients and use electric hand whisk to mix together.

Line a loaf tin with baking paper and pour mixture in. Bake in oven for 75 minutes until risen and firm to touch, make sure a skewer inserted comes out fairly clean, not covered in wet mixture. Rest for 10 minutes in tin then cool on a wire rack.

Delicious warm or cold.


Stork Margarine 4 Oz
Sugar 8 Oz
Self Raising Flour 8 Oz
Ripe Bananas (even Over Ripe Are Fine) 2 Or 3
Eggs 2
Golden Syrup 4 Tbsp
Pinch Of Salt

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