Tasty Potato and Spring Onion Salad

Particularly tasty with fresh new potatoes and lashings of Heinz Salad Cream.


1. Boil new potatoes in salted water for 15 minutes or until tender, drain and cool under cold running water.

2. Meanwhile mix Heinz Salad Cream and natural yoghurt and stir through spring onions and chives.

3. Tip: The dressing is delicious with a barbecued jacket potato as well.

4. Cut the potatoes in half if too large, and mix through the Heinz Salad Cream dressing, season and serve garnished with the extra chives.


Chopped Fresh Chives. And Extra For Garnish 1 Tbsp.
Spring Onions. Chopped 3
Natural Yoghurt 1.5 Tbsp.
New Potatoes 500g
Heinz Salad Cream 2 Tbsp.

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