Delicious, Feta Walnut and Pesto Pasta


please note all indredients except the pasta is for 4-6 people, so if you are only using 2 cups of pasta half all ingredients.
1. soak your pickled walnuts in water for 5 minutes then leave to drain.(just removes any excess vinegar)
2. crumble your feta cheese into a bowl ready, as needs to be added to the pasta whilst hot.
3.mix your chopped garlic into your sundried tomatoes then finely chop.
4.toast your pinenuts in a hot fying pan, no need for oil.
5.boil your required amount of pasta usually takes between 7-10 mins unless you have fresh which takes 1-3 minutes
6.when your pasta is done take off heat drain and place back into pan.
7. add your olive oil to your pasta and mix to cover the pasta.
8. add your pesto to your pasta and stir to coat all the pasta.
9.add your pickled walnuts and sundried tomatoes now and mix into the pasta.
10. add your crumbled feta and mix, then top with pinenuts.

your done!!!

this is a great pasta all the combinations of the creamy feta, with the tartness of the pickled walnuts, combined with the freshness of the pesto and the sundried tomato flavours.
any one will love this dish, and it is by far my favourite pasta dish.



Pine Nuts (toasted) 50g
Green Pesto 4 Tbsp
Olive Oil 3 Tbsp
Feta Cheese (crumbled) 200g
Pickled Walnuts 100g
Penne Pasta 1 Cup Per Person
Sundried Tomatoes 50g
Garlic Cloves. Finely Chopped 1

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my little girl says its amazing
Made this tonight, loved it!
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