Farmhouse Fruit Cake


1. Preheate the oven to 160°C/325°F or Gas Mark 3.

2. Sift and mix all the dry ingrediants, exept the dried fruit, into a large mixing bowl.

3. Stir in the butter or margarine followed by the beaten eggs and marmalade. Pore in the mixed dried fruit and fold so distributed evenly in the mixture. Stir in a little milk if the mixture seems too stiff.

4. Spoon into a greased 20 cm (8 in) round cake tin lined with greased greaseproof paper or well greased with butter.

5. Bake in the preheated oven for about 1 1/2 hours or until a skewer goes into the center of the cake and it comes out clean, (Cover the top of the cake with greaseproof paper if it begins to become too brown during the cooking).

6. Remove from the oven, take out of the tin and discard the greaseproof paper. Cool on a wire rack, then store in an airtight tin.

7. Decorate, cut then eat. yum yum!



Marmalade 2 Tbs
Mixed Dried Fruit 250g / 10oz
Soft Brown Sugar 100g / 4oz
Butter Or Margarine 100g / 4oz
Ground Cinnamon ½ Tbs
Baking Powder 2 Tsp
Mixed Spice (optional) 1 Tsp
Wholewheat Flour 125g / 5oz
Plain Flour (sieved) 100g / 4oz
Eggs 2

Hints 'n' Tips

You can always alter the amount of fruit you put in, It just dipends on personal tastes! You can also add nuts if you wish, the only reason I dont is because daddys alearjic to them! xxx


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Looks great.How many eggs, Sophee?
oh yes! sorry, its 2 eggs. xxx. Thanks for pointing that out to me. xx
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