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Ginger and Orange Trifle

very quick and easy to make, delicious!


Drain and reserve juice from mandarins,
place mandarins in base of trifle dish.
Add cake which has been cut into cubes, add a little juice and the splash until a little moist.
Pour over custard and allow to set.
Once set whip cream and smooth over top, Sprinkle with grated chocolate, almonds and ginger. Enjoy!


Crystallised Ginger- Chopped 50g
Bar Dark Chocolate-grated ½
Toasted Flaked Almonds 100g
Port Or Sherry Splash
Tins Mandarin Oranges 2
Custard (from Powder) 1 Pint
Ginger Cake Loaf 1
Carton Double Or Whipping Cream 1

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