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Canapes recipes

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Canapes (Crostini) Recipe at MyDish

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Canapes (Crostini)

by Sporty

by SportyViewed 11187 times


    Little rounds of bread brushed with olive oil and different toppings. Great Christmas canapés.


    1. 1. Pre-heat the oven to 180°C.

    2. 2. Cut the french bread into 1 inch slices.

    3. 3. Spread the olive oil and garlic over the surface of the baking tray.

    4. 4. Place the bread on top of the oil and turn them over so that both sides are lightly coated.

    5. 5. Bake them for 10-15 mins.

    6. 6. For the topping, peel the rind off the goats' cheese, then cut the cheese into eight pieces.

    7. 7. Place all the ingredients, including the reserved oil from the canned tuna, into a liquidiser and blend until the mixture is smooth.

    8. 8. Don't spread the breads with the mixture until the last minute, though, or the bread loses some of its crispness. Keep it in the fridge.

    9. 9. You can decorated with some olives.

    10. You can use the canapé base and add different toppings - parma ham, tapanade, pesto etc.


    • by Jon Portishead

      Jon Portishead  Tue Mar 29 2011   • Reply

      made these the other week - very easy and very impressive looking. Great when you're pushed for time.

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    • 2 French Bread (baugette)
    • 6 tbsp Olive Oil
    • 2 Garlic Cloves. crushed
    • 8oz Goats Cheese
    • 8oz Tuna in oil drained
    • 2 tbsp Capers. drained
    • 2 tbsp Parmesan cheese. grated
    • 1 tbsp Lemon juice
    Cocktail Party Canapes Recipe at MyDish

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    Cocktail Party Canapes

    by sarah conry

    by sarah conryViewed 41091 times


      I love having cocktail parties with canapés. Here are a few of my favourite canapé recipes so you can throw a cocktail party with canapes


      1. RECIPE 1: Goats Cheese Crostini

      2. (These are More-ish, peeps wolf em down!):

      3. Ingredients:
      4. - 1 thin baguette (works much better if baguette is relatively thin)
      5. - Butter (Half a slab!)
      6. - Goats Cheese (2 thin rolls of it)
      7. - Sun dried tomato pesto or basil pesto
      8. - Red peppers or basil leaves

      9. Method:
      10. I usually use half the baguette for sun dried tomato crostinis & the other half for basil pesto crostini:

      11. - Cut baguette into slices about 1 inch thick
      12. - Cut Goats Cheese roll into thin slices
      13. - Melt butter in micro wave
      14. - Dip baguette slices in butter to coat both sides & place on a baking dish lined with tinfoil
      15. - Spread half the butter coated baguette slices with Sun dried tomato pesto & spread the other half with basil pesto
      16. - Place a slice of goats cheese on each one
      17. - Place a basil leaf on each basil pesto crostini
      18. - Place 2 lil slices of red pepper in the shape of lips on each sundried tomato crostini
      19. - Bake in oven at 200 degrees for 10 – 15 mins (until goats cheese is golden colour & bread is crisped)
      20. - Leave to cool a bit then serve to guests!

      21. RECIPE 2: Jazzed up cheese n chutney cocktail Sausages:

      22. Cocktail sausages are a simple canapé which everybody loves – but if you don't want to be boring you can jazz them up ever so slightly to taste even nicer:

      23. Ingredients:
      24. - Cheddar
      25. - Mango Chutney
      26. - Cocktail sausages

      27. Method:
      28. - Cook the cocktail sausages as normal
      29. - 5 mins before sausages are ready, take them out of the oven. Slit each one down the middle & stuff with cheddar cheese & chutney
      30. - Cook for a further 5 – 10 mins
      31. - Serve!

      32. RECIPE 3: Cherry tomato, marinated feta and basil skewers:

      33. Ingredients:
      34. - Feta cheese (enough to make 40 squares)
      35. - Olive oil
      36. - Oregano
      37. - black pepper
      38. - 40 cherry tomatoes
      39. - Fresh Basil
      40. - Cocktail Sticks

      41. Method:
      42. - Cut the feta into 40 even squares
      43. - Grate the lemon to get the zest
      44. - Mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil, the lemon zest, a bit of oregano & a bit of pepper together
      45. - Pour over feta squares & leave to marinate for a few hours
      46. - Once feta is marinated, make pretty lil skewers with cherry tomato, feta & a lil basil leaf so it looks like a lil sail of a boat on the top
      47. - These are now ready to serve but you can make a pretty centre piece by covering a cabbage with tinfoil then sticking all of the skewers into the cabbage

      48. RECIPE 4: Asparagus & Parma ham wraps:

      49. Ingredients:
      50. - Asparagus spears (2 for each wrap you want to make)
      51. - Parma Ham (1 for each wrap you want to make)
      52. - Philadelphia cheese
      53. - Olive Oil
      54. - Salt

      55. Mehod:
      56. - Put olive oil & salt in a bowl & mix asparagus spears in it
      57. - Chargrill asparagus in a wok or, even better, a griddle pan for 3 or 4 mins
      58. - Leave asparagus to cool
      59. - Put a bit of Philadelphia cheese near the edge of each parma ham slice & place 2 asparagus spears ontop then roll so that you are wrapping the asparagus & Philadelphia in the parma ham

      60. RECIPE 5: Mojito Cocktail

      61. Ingredients:
      62. - 1 part rum
      63. - 3 parts soda
      64. - A handful of mint leaves
      65. - Half a lime
      66. - 3 teaspoons of brown sugar

      67. Method:
      68. - Put mint leaves, sugar & lime in a glass & crush with a pestle (or something similar!)
      69. - Add Rum
      70. - Top off with soda
      71. - Garnish with mint leaves or lime


      • by Jules66

        Jules66  Sun Oct 4 2009   • Reply

        I made the canapes with both the sundried tomato and the basil pesto. They were fab, really quick and easy to make and went down very well with my guests.

      • by pepperpot

        pepperpot  Sun Sep 20 2009   • Reply

        I had my first go at making canapes for our garden party and made the goats cheese crostini and the tomato, feta and basil dish. They went down a real treat and everyone thought they were very professional. Thanks for posting.

      • by Von Food-Housen

        Von Food-Housen  Mon Jan 7 2008   • Reply

        WOW, this recipe has been viewed 3106. awesome :)

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      • CANAPE 1
      • 2 rolls goats cheese
      •  sun dried tomatoe pesto
      •  red peppers
      •  basil leaves
      •  thin baguette
      • CANAPE 2
      •  Cheddar Cheese
      •  Cocktail sausages
      •  Mango Chutney
      • CANAPE 3
      • (enough to make 40 squares) Feta Cheese
      •  Olive Oil
      •  Oregano
      •  black pepper
      • 40 Cherry Tomatoes
      •  Fresh basil
      •  cocktail sticks
      • 2 for each wrap Asparagus spears
      • 1 slice per wrap Parma Ham
      •  Philadelphia cheese
      •  Olive Oil
      •  Salt
      Penguin Canapes (perfect Christmas canapes!) Recipe at MyDish

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      Penguin Canapes (perfect Christmas canapes!)

      by Campo

      by CampoViewed 14184 times


        Easy to make - no cooking at all - and they look fantastic! All your guests will be flabbergasted at your artistic ability!


        1. Note: use larger olives for the bodies and smaller ones for the heads.

        2. To make the body:
        3. Slit a large olive and fill with cream cheese - the easiest way is to pipe it in. When full, use a knife to smooth over level with edges of olive.

        4. To make feet and beak:
        5. Cut a thin triangle out of a carrot slice by making two cuts from the edge of the carrot to the centre. The large piece left is the feet and the traingle is the beak.

        6. To make the head:
        7. Make a slit in a small olive and gently ease the wide end of the beak into the slit. If your carrot slice is too thick the olive will split open, so you may need to trim the wide end of the beak (this is the trickiest part!).

        8. To complete:
        9. Rest the body on the feet, place the head on the body and then feed a cocktail stick at a slight backwards angle through the top of the head, the body and into the feet. This holds your finished canape in place.

        10. To serve:
        11. They look good on a stainless steel or white base as it gives the impression of ice/snow.

        12. To store:
        13. Keep in fridge until you serve them - they can be made the night before, but make sure they don't dry out so keep in airtight container or wrap well with cling film.


        • by Aileen

          Aileen  Fri Dec 30 2011   • Reply

          Made these for an Xmas treat for the kids and they turned out grand - good fun too!

        • by cleggy2

          cleggy2  Fri Dec 30 2011   • Reply

          These were so easy but brilliant to make

        • by warposters

          warposters  Thu Dec 31 2009   • Reply

          Brilliant! Fun and food combined!

        • by Jail Bird!

          Jail Bird!  Sun Dec 13 2009   • Reply

          These look great! What a fab idea!! What about snowmen? Could do sweet ones with white marshmallows and candid peel?? Must have a go!

        • by wilsondan

          wilsondan  Sun Nov 1 2009   • Reply

          What a creative idea! And such fun.

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        • Large jar Black olives
        • 250g Tub Cream cheese (Philadelphia)
        • 2 Carrots. peeled and sliced into circles
        • A pack Cocktail sticks
        Roast Chicken Canapes Recipe at MyDish

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        Roast Chicken Canapes

        by Ashby

        by AshbyViewed 2256 times


          Classic cocktail party dish - which looks very good on the plate yet is very easy to make.


          1. 1. Preheat oven to 180°C.

          2. 2. Slice up the bread and place the slices on oven trays.

          3. 3. Spread with oil. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes, or until light golden.

          4. 4. Remove to a wire rack to cool completely.

          5. 5. Make horseradish mayonnaise: combine mayonnaise, horseradish cream and mustard in a small bowl. Season with salt and pepper.

          6. 6. Top each bread slice with roast chicken. Dollop with horseradish mayonnaise and top with roasted pepper. Season with pepper. Serve immediately.

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          • 12 Baguette bread
          • 2 tbsp. Olive oil
          • 300g Sliced roast chicken, cut into strips
          • 6 Roasted red pepper, thinly sliced
          • ¾ cup mayonnaise
          • 2 tbsp Horseradish cream
          • 2 tsp Dijon mustard