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Fridge cake recipes

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Fridge Cake Recipe at MyDish

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Fridge Cake

by Becca77

by Becca77Viewed 3341 times


    I was at home with nothing to do once and decided to make something with near-to-out-of-date-food. I found these ingredients, voila! Fridge cake!


    1. -Melt the chocolate in a glass bowl.
    2. -While the chocolate is melting crush the biscuits into crumbs.
    3. -When the chocolate has melted, add the biscuits, raisins/
    4. Sultanas and Currants to the chocolate.
    5. -Stir until it has all come together.
    6. -Put it into a baking tray and put into fridge for 2hrs or until set.
    7. -Enjoy!

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    • 308g Biscuits
    • 280g milk chocolate broken up
    • 144g Raisins and/or Sultanas
    • 144g Currants ( optional )
    • however many wanted Malteasers
    Chocolate & Cherry Fridge Squares Recipe at MyDish

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    Chocolate & Cherry Fridge Squares

    by Janice Williams

    by Janice WilliamsViewed 898 times


      1. 1. Break chocolate into squares and place in microwaveable
      2. bowl with golden syrup and butter. Cook at 50% power for
      3. 30 secs and then in 10 sec blasts until melted.

      4. 2. Put bicuits in plastic bag and bash with rolling pin
      5. until broken up. Add to chocolate mixture with nuts,
      6. cherries and sultanas. Stir well.

      7. 3. Line shallow baking dish (approx. 16cm x 32 cm) with
      8. clingfilm. Press mixture in and level top. Chill for at
      9. least 2 hrs.

      10. 4. Turn out and cut into squares. Store in fridge until
      11. needed. May also be frozen - if you can get them in
      12. before they disappear!

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      • 200g dark chocolate (min 70% solids)
      • 100g milk chocolate
      • 3tbsp golden syrup
      • 300g digestive biscuits
      • 300g butter
      • 75g glace cherries (quartered)
      • 50g sultanas
      • 100g chopped nuts
      Chocolate Malteser Refrigerator Cake Recipe at MyDish

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      Chocolate Malteser Refrigerator Cake

      by Vicki B

      by Vicki BViewed 49411 times


        Cut into squares, this gorgeous chocolate sweet goes well with coffee, as a small gift or just as a snack!


        1. Melt margarine and syrup and chocolate over heat (or in the microwave stirring often). When it's all melted, take off the heat and add crushed biscuits and maltesers, mix really well. Spread into a lined greased swiss roll tin. Chill in the fridge then cut up into small squares. Keep refrigerated.


        * Be strict with the amount of syrup. * This can also be frozen. * If you have no greaseproof lining for the tin, once the mix has been refigerated you can warm the bottom of the tin gently to help remove the chocolate mix more easily before cutting into squares.


        • by eitakatie

          eitakatie  Sat Nov 26 2011   • Reply

          This is my Mum's recipe for marshmallow roll, a refrigerator cake http://recipesatrandom.com/2011/11/26/marshmallow-roll-refrigerator-cake/.It's quick and easy to make and tastes lush!

        • by eitakatie

          eitakatie  Mon Nov 7 2011   • Reply

          I make a slight variation of this and if you add marshmallows to it it becomes a special version of rocky road ... http://recipesatrandom.com/2011/11/06/rocky-road-malteser-cake/

        • by Vicki B

          Vicki B  Thu Feb 17 2011   • Reply

          It is a fantastic website, i get lots of inspiration from it. I hope you enjoy it!

        • by siouxiebloo

          siouxiebloo  Thu Feb 17 2011   • Reply

          Hi!Am new 2 this website

        • by alziemko

          alziemko  Sat Aug 7 2010   • Reply

          yummy, this is very nice, i made it for guide camp, and it was a success

        • by Vicki B

          Vicki B  Wed Mar 10 2010   • Reply

          Thank you for your comments, I hope your recipes turned out well. I am having trouble replying to comments at the moment so hopefully this will work. Thanks again for showing an interest and good luck! Vicki

        • by PinkCupcakePrincess

          PinkCupcakePrincess  Wed Mar 10 2010   • Reply

          Just made this as i often make layered fridge cake with digestives,syrup,butter and then chocolate and marshmallows on top and thought i'd try something different!

          Wow it has alot of syrup in it.Mine looks nothing like your picture,hope it tastes good!

        • by SammyLou

          SammyLou  Wed Feb 10 2010   • Reply

          OMG!!!! amazing. I made this to take to work and everyone has been asking for the recipe. Absolutely delicious.

        • by Vicki B

          Vicki B  Mon Nov 23 2009   • Reply

          Brilliant! I hope it went well and look forward to hearing what you think. Vicki

        • by lisacdow

          lisacdow  Sat Nov 21 2009   • Reply

          this sounds yummy, im away to have a go at this tomorrow, will let you know how it goes

        • by Vicki B

          Vicki B  Wed Nov 4 2009   • Reply

          Hi Heather. Syrup is golden syrup such as Lyles Golden Syrup. I hope you enjoy it! Vicki

        • by HeatherJB

          HeatherJB  Tue Nov 3 2009   • Reply

          This sounds really yummy, but what do you mean by "syrup"?

        • by Vicki B

          Vicki B  Fri Aug 28 2009   • Reply

          Thank you for your feedback, it is great to hear about variations to the ingredients. Please let me know how the new version tastes. Vicki

        • by willcoxpenny76

          willcoxpenny76  Mon Aug 24 2009   • Reply

          This was really sweet, but delicious. I think I might use less syrup and dark chocolate next time though!

        • by Vicki B

          Vicki B  Fri Jul 31 2009   • Reply

          You are welcome! I am glad you are enjoying it.

        • by Annabella

          Annabella  Fri Jul 31 2009   • Reply

          Oh my word! how delicious. This is the best refrigerator cake I have ever eaten, thanks for a great recipe.

        • by Vicki B

          Vicki B  Sun Feb 15 2009   • Reply

          Oops! Yes, sorry, I use milk chocolate. I have amended the recipe to say that now. Glad you liked it!

        • by couteaux

          couteaux  Sat Feb 14 2009   • Reply

          I just made this - cor! Chocolate heaven! I used dark chocolate, do you usually use milk chocolate? Think I'd try a combination next time. Thanks for adding it, seriously tasty!

        • by couteaux

          couteaux  Tue Feb 10 2009   • Reply

          oh wow.. that looks seriously good. And very naughty! I need to get some maltesers quick and make that!! ;o)

        • by Vicki B

          Vicki B  Tue Feb 3 2009   • Reply

          Oh fab! Good luck and I look forward to hearing how you all get on. Vicki

        • by carol savage

          carol savage  Tue Feb 3 2009   • Reply

          Wow this looks yummy - I am going to make it today as the kids are off school due to the snow - will let you know how it goes

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        • 100g Margarine softened
        • 6 tablespoons Golden syrup
        • 250g Cooking Chocolate (milk)
        • 200g Digestive Biscuits. roughly crushed
        • 200g Maltesers cut roughly in ½
        Chocolate Fridge Cake (Florentine Style) Recipe at MyDish

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        Chocolate Fridge Cake (Florentine Style)

        by carodeoliveira

        by carodeoliveiraViewed 1414 times


          1. Put the chocolate (broken up), orange rind, syrup and butter into a bowl. Sit bowl on pan of gently simmering water, keeping the base of the bowl clear of the water. Melt slowly without stirring.

          2. Crush the biscuits (not too fine) in a freezer bag. Place them in a bowl with the raisins, cherries, apricots and almonds.

          3. Remove the melted chocolate from heat and stir until smooth. Pour into dry mix and stir.

          4. Line an 8” shallow cake tin with clingfilm (lay two bits across in a cross shape then mould down to fit the base, corners, sides, bringing it up over the rim).

          5. Pour contents in and spread until even.

          6. Refrigerate for 2 hours once cool.

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          • 200g  Milk Chocolate
          • 100g  Dark Chocolate
          • ½ orabge Finely grated rind
          • 4 tblsp golden syrup
          • 175g  butter
          • 175g  digestive biscuits
          • 125g  raisins
          • 100g  glace cherries, quartered
          • 75g  Divine Dark Chocolate apricots, finely chopped
          • Handful  flaked almonds