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Picnic Slices Recipe at MyDish

Picnic Slices

By Ely Eats

Tuna Tortilla Wraps Recipe at MyDish

Tuna Tortilla Wraps

By couteaux

This is a quick and easy lunch idea, perfect for a lunch box, picnic or taking to work.

Old Fashioned Potato Salad Recipe at MyDish

Old Fashioned Potato Salad

By wilsondan

Ideal for barbecues or buffet meals, this is an easy, cheap, delicious potato salad.

Fairy Cakes Recipe at MyDish

Fairy Cakes

By carol savage

This is the quickest and easiest recipe and always works. My kids loving making these with me.

Smoked Antipasto Picnic Bread Recipe at MyDish

Smoked Antipasto Picnic Bread


The perfect picnic meal in one delicious combo!

Quiche Lorraine Recipe at MyDish

Quiche Lorraine

By lizzie13

A fluffly light French quiche with crispy bacon and onion to give a smokey finish.

German Potato Salad Recipe at MyDish

German Potato Salad

By Annikka

I used to do this regulary and eat the whole bowl myself. Actually, still do!!

Quiche with Bacon and Cheese Recipe at MyDish

Quiche with Bacon and Cheese

By lizziep

A classic bacon and cheese quiche, light and tasty.

Warburtons Ultimate Picnic Sandwich Recipe at MyDish

Warburtons Ultimate Picnic Sandwich

By Warburtons

Specially formulated by experts at Warburtons, this picnic sandwich is the perfect combination to keep the bread deliciously soft and fresh and wards off pesky insects!

Hazelnut and Chocolate Chunk Cookies Recipe at MyDish

Hazelnut and Chocolate Chunk Cookies

By Carnation

I used to cook mini versions of these biscuits for petit fours when I was head chef at the Castle Hotel in Taunton – they really are that good.

Displaying 10 of 20 matches